Thoughts about depth chart + Adrian Mayes

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by J_Oats, Aug 27, 2001.

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    by the way, if you need to see it, go to, click on gameday coverage, and go to the bottom.

    It is interesting that Clayton is already in the top 4 WR, Peterman is the starting LG, with Comeaux as his backup. Wilkerson is the second Center. I think he may be starting after a few games, and move sale back to guard. Hookfin is starting over Robert davis, which is suprising, but I kinda like it, because Hookfin is the most athletic CB. It is good to see Torran Williams listed as the 2A at both DT positions, I expect him to be starting over M.Barnes by the end of the year. Despite Parquet being listed as the 5th RB, I expect him to be in there as much a D.Davis. They will probably use Henderson and Addai as 3rd down, one back set backs, and have Henderson play some WR, and use Parquet and D.Davis as the primary backups to Toe, and they will both get in in every situation. I kinda expected Tim Pope to be backing up Trev by this point, however I still expect it by the end of the year. Think how disapointing it must be for A.Mayes. He came to LSU as one of the top DB's in the country, and was a major coup for Dinardo(I cannot remember if he was in the final Dinardo class, or the first saban class, but I'm assuming it was the final Dinardo Class.) to get him from Nebraska. Now he has been here for 2(0r 3) years, and he still is only going to be a special teams player, not even the dime back, because of Davis's move over. I would assume D.James would be the nickel back, and D.Davis would be the dime back, so where does that leave Adrian Mayes? Lets hope he sticks it out, because he was a great special teams player last year, and he still has 3 years of eligibility left including this year.
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    Mayes is a true sophomore recruited by Saban and staff.
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    Adrian Mayes and others

    Mayes will be a key guy on special teams this year.

    Davis is the nickel back and DJ is the dime back.

    These coaches do not want to have to play Addai. Parquet will get plenty of PT if he keeps his head on straight.

    Don't look for Davis to get many snaps against Tulane. He will be on the field a lot as a nickel back and special teams. Henderson is the #2 guy and has been working less and less at WR.
    They will use him in all sorts of formations though. He is a guy that they want to have the ball. Every time he touches it, he has a chance to break the big one. That is how athletic he is.
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    Mayes was a freshman last year, and that would put him in Saban's first class not DiNardo's.

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