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    one idea the media pitched without questioning was that any time any interracial attack happened, it was because trump was racist and his racism had emboldened racists to attack. this never made one bit of sense but was accepted by the mainstream media and repeated forever.

    now we are apparently seeing a rise in anti-semitism. and normally I wouldn't believe this, because it would be really a way to call white people racists again, but this time its arabs yelling at Jews, which of course is true and has been true since before we were born.

    the idea that trump causes racism was even applied to instances of blacks attacking Asians. as if these blacks left a MAGA meeting and decided to beat an Asian lady on the subway. ridiculous.

    it is truly incredible how eager the media is to lie about anything related to trump. anything that makes trump look bad, or casts him even in the smallest negative light, is something the media is willing to lie about and amplify endlessly. the appetite for anti-trump anything is massive, and of course is the motivation behand all of these current legal cases against him.

    I think large swaths of the population beleive it would be ethical to lie about trump and have him jailed on false charges, because that's how badly they want to see him go down.

    when you accept one simple fact, you will understand the media much better. this simple fact: trump has nothing to do with Russia and never did.

    if you understand that and accept it, then the way the media and politivcacl establishment has acted over the last 5 years is revealed as truly reprehensible.
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