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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tigernut4, Jan 1, 2003.

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    i enjoyed this season. it wasnt as great as last season but it was a solid season. we had the bluegrass miracle the bama game and the arkansas finish but if some one said in the beginning of the season that damien james would not be here for the stretch run toe would be out for 4 games Mauck would be out after the florida game indefinitly, and u were in the cotton bowl on new year's day? I DEFINITLY WOULD TAKE IT

    that says a hell of a lot about our players and our coaches. to overcome that adversity is amazing. todays game should a lot to me, one we are a very very young football team, to me the players we lose this year (unless clayton goes pro) will be a lot less significant than ro josh trev and royal, what i saw today also was we will have absolutly the best wr core in the sec maybe the country next season, clayton green brazell henderson, add a freshman in there and u have an excellent wr core, i also saw that marcus randall just does not have it to win in the SEC, i saw him out there play with that bum ankle , now he played an excellent first half, but i think as soon as eric edwards drops that pass and 3rd and 6 or so is confidince was shot cuz the horns took the lead as i recall after that for good, once they took away the screens and quick slants and swing passes randall just could not get it done throwing the ball down the field. and what about mike clayton he is a true warrior, i think hes the first to play both sides of the ball since casanova, but wow he is a true speiciman, he hope he turns out to be like roy williams some day, we also found out that we need a big physical corner, that was a killer today.

    on recruiting i think the key to signing day will be the qb situation, if lane goes pro which i think he will we have to get jamarcus russel we need a drop back qb with all these recievers, i mean they were running down the field wide open, i think if saban has made a mistake in recruiting(maybe its not his fault ) but we just have not signed a good quater back while hes been here we need one or two dont count matt flynn out either i heard he led his team with a broken foot in the texas state playoffs and pulled some big time upsets

    all in all am i dissapointed yes but its not the end of the world lets get a good recruiting class in and wait the long agonazing wait till opening day

    thank you seniors for the great ride you have given us through the fall of dinardo to the peach bowl, sec championship and sugar bowl victories
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    Great post, Tigernut. I look forward to the future. Saban's recruits are making waves already and have the look of champions. The loss today hurts because, for me, it hurts when LSU loses to anyone...even when it's expected.

    But this is the first time in many years that I've felt good about the direction of LSU football.

    Unlike my coworkers will feel about UT football tomorrow morning...

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