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    First of all, I would like to tell all of the Tigers heading back to LA to have a safe trip. I was impressed with the number of your fans that made the long trip to Blacksburg. I drove through Blacksburg early Saturday morning, and the Purple & Gold flags were flying high. It's loyal fans like yourselves that make college football the greatest sport going. I was also impressed to see your fans stay until the final play of the fourth quarter. I didn't see very many leaving early at all.

    Now, for the little bit of smack that I'm obligated to talk. I heard a lot of talk from LSU fans before the game about "SEC Speed." This was a big game for not only VT, but the entire Big East. No, we do not have the tradition of the SEC, but we do play some real football in the Big East. What I'm getting at is that a 4.2 - 40 is fast....DAMN FAST. It's fast in the SEC, and it's fast in the Big East. You have a great team, great history, great fans, and you do play in a great conference. However, we have athletes too, and I hope you found out that there is nothing magical about SEC speed.

    Anyway, I'd like to wish you luck for the rest of the season, and PLEASE lay a woodshed beating on Tennessee.

    I enjoyed talking to you guys in the weeks leading up to the game. Take care.
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    I agree with you HokieSwede, this so called "SEC Speed" is just a bunch of BS. If you run a 40, 4.2, you are fast, no matter whether you are in Idaho, New Mexico, Virginia or Sweden! All the conferences have speed players. The Hokies secondary looked real fast and you guys didnt even have your main cover man Whitaker play.

    Besides the poor performance from us, which has already been mentioned by several other posters in this forum, we should learn not to schedule a top team for the first match of the season. Tech kinda pulled one on us by scheduling Ark State after the matchup between us was decided.

    While I want LSU to go to a BCS bowl, have to say would not mind going to the Music City bowl and getting a rematch with you guys.

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