Three could be a crowd for LSU

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by gotlsu, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Three could be a crowd for LSU - NCF - Three could be a crowd for LSU

    In college football, when are too many quarterbacks on the same team a bad thing?
    Most coaches would tell you never. Well, at least almost never.

    But when it divides a team and players and fans start picking sides, it becomes a different story.
    The quarterback situation at LSU certainly will be worth watching in 2006. The Tigers have three talented players who could play for a lot of teams.

    More importantly, they have three talented players who all think they should be the starter when LSU opens its season Sept. 2 against Louisiana-Lafayette.
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    I think Perriloux understood when he got here he was the future of the Tigers. He probably looks back now and sees he may have had a better shot at Texas if he'd gone there but no one foresaw Young leaving early. In the beginning he would wait either way at both schools. That's not saying he won't compete to take a starting job but I'd imagine he has resolved to the fact he has an uphill climb.

    I don't think whoever winds up in the 2 spot whether it be Flynn or Russel to take a look elsewhere. My feeling is if they were going to make a move it would have already been done. They are probably confident enough to feel they will handle the team...and whoever the starter is will probably be gone after this season anyway, provided they have a good one.
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    Not that it's a foregone conclusion, but right now I think the smart money says that Perrilloux will still be 3rd on the depth chart once the season begins.

    However, I think that there's a good chance that Miles works RP into the playbook regardless of his official depth chart position. Run him in for some designed plays that make use of his abilities. Almost like the plays we ran last year with Skyler at QB, but with obviously more of a true option emphasis.

    Not only do I think these plays would be productive, but it would also keep RP "in the game" without creating a lot of controversy as to the starting QB.

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