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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tiger4Ever, Mar 17, 2003.

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    The Tiger baseball team was very impressive this weekend, imo. I was only able to make the Friday and Sunday game, but listened to the Saturday game. Friday they got an All-American pitching performance from Brian Wilson, who seems to be automatic right now. They also hit the cover off of the ball which has been a long time coming. Saturday, another great pitching performance by Bo Petit and the Tigers rally to come from behind. Matt Liuzza is stepping it up as a freshman behind the plate and may be working his way into a permanent starting role. Sunday was another great performance despite the debacle by the NCAA rules. Jake Tompkins struggled, as has been usual of late, but the Tigers rallied from being down on a few occassions, which I am extremely happy to see during and SEC series. All in all, I feel the Tigers played their best three games by far this weekend. I have a feeling this Tiger team will get the job done on the field, despite the early season mishaps. GEAUX TIGERS!!!
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    I agree. I'm a little concerned about the closer spot. Sadler looked good but couldn't slam the door. 3 times, he got ahead of the hitter then appeared to overthrow in an effort to waste a couple of pitches. He walked batters that were down 0-2 on two occasions in Florida's 8th. He looked good in spots though and he appears to have a closer's mentality. On a dry field, our right fielder catches the 3rd out in foul territory. The tie sucks. Holt looks like he's coming out of his slump and I like Sprowl at leadoff. Clay Harris is making a push to bat cleanup on a regular basis. If Tompkins can regain his form, we're in good shape in the conference. Don't forget. Florida was wearing out everyone's pitching before this weekend. 2-0-1 ain't a bad start to the SEC wars.
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    holt is coming out of the slump cause he finally figured out he couldn't see. Right now they have him wereing goggles but he will be able to were contacts soon. Its a stigmatism that is worse at night. I don't see weaver losing his catching spot. He is a much better hitter then matt.

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