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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by EELSU1, Dec 1, 2002.

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    We are going to have a GREAT season next year.

    As far as this year, we're all still hurting over this loss, but these players played like champions, they played hard, and they've done all they can this year to earn their scholarships, and then some. We have a lot to be proud of.

    When last season ended, who would have dreamed we'd have a top 5 defense this year? When we lost Trev Faulk, many thought he'd be irreplacable, but he was replaced. And as Dandy Don said on his site today, how many teams started 3 brand new QB's this year? The great thing now is we know we have 2 QB's who can play in the SEC.

    We have so much young talent on this team, and we're getting even more when signing day comes. It won't be long before we have the depth we need to overcome the many injuries we suffered this year (it should be noted DiNardo left Saban with very little junior and senior depth). This team WITHOUT A DOUBT will go back to Atlanta sooner than later. I'm betting on next year.

    As far as Coach Saban goes, he's one of the best coaches in the country. He will bounce back from Friday, just as Coach Richt did last year with Georgia, when play calls Richt made arguably cost Georgia 2 wins late in games. When you add up everything Saban has done for this university, and how he has the players performing on the football field and also in the classroom, we can't ask more from a head coach. The SEC has head coaches who could care less how their players do in the classroom, and who will look the other way when it comes to discipline as long as their team can win another game or two, but not Saban. We are lucky to have Saban, and Saban enjoys being at LSU.

    At the end of the day, things are looking FANTASTIC when it comes to LSU football. A far cry from how far the program had sunk by the time DiNardo was fired. When Saban has highly recruited players playing their natural positions (Saban built a secondary with players who are not natural secondary players, and yet look how well they did most of this season), this program is going to roll. We will have a top 3 recruiting class this year. If Saban repeats that with even top 10 recruiting classes the next 2 years after that, we will control the SEC West, and Atlanta will be a place LSU fans will become very familar with.

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