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    I was recently in the hospital following a rather extensive 5-hour surgery. A fellow LSU grad brought my an LSU cap with a tiger head in the front and a little tail out the back and a keychain that plays the Fight Song. The Fight Song was my anthem in the hospital as I “fought” to recover. I told my friend that I was going to play the Fight Song as I was leaving the hospital. The ambulance EMT’s boss is from LSU, so I was teaching him the song as I played it all the way out of the hospital. He had one of attendants put the cap on so he could send her picture to his Tiger boss. Not a great experience was made fun by My being an LSU Tigers. Love it! Just wanted to share a good Tiger time “wit ch’all” Geaux Tigers always. Penny :LSU231:
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    LSU is "nationwide" and yes, "we bad" !

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