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Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by islstl, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    Time to start this up.

    KMeaux, let's do this.

    I have myself and a friend who will join.
  2. KyleK

    KyleK Who, me? Staff Member

    I am thinking about joining this. Disclaimer, I have never played fantasy anything before so if y'all don't want a beginner, I won't be offended. Also, if anybody wants to explain everything to me or send me to a website or 2 that will explain it, that would be great. As I said, I don't have a clue how to play. Y'all may want to just save me in case you don't have enough people. In the meantime, I'll try to start learning how to play.
  3. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member Staff Member

    Will be easy to get used to. 1st thing is 1st. You will need to know how many QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, K, and Def to pick. This league is very different than most. There is no limit on the max # of each position you can have. Just a limit of the total number or players you have. Would be smart to have backup QB because some like to stockpile 3 QBs. Remember everyone has a bye week so you need a backup QB,DEF, TE and Kicker at some point. But you an grab one on your bye week for that player but might be left without a quality backup if picking off the waiver wire.

    After the draft you just have to set your lineup each week. Will probably start 3 WRs each week given this is a point per reception league. So get 1 point for each catch and 1 point for every 10 yards and 6 points for each touchdown. RBs are the same for points. Also you lose a point of 2 for each fumble.

    BTW, are we still going with the no set waiver wire order? I don't like how the 1st person to get to the waivers can pretty much make as many transactions they want before anyone else gets to it. This is the only league I have played that does it that way. IMO it should be based on the worst record team gets 1st priority and the best record gets last priority.
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  4. Rolan

    Rolan Live from Houston

    I am up to play, what site do you use to play?
  5. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member


    League 336578
    Password lsu

    I think that's the password

    I can't figure out how to join a private league.

    Not sure if you need to be sent an invite now. If someone figures it out, please post it.
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  6. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    Looks like you have to be invited.

    I sent an email to KMeaux (the commissioner) so he can get your yahoo ID to send you an invite.
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  7. Bayou Bengal11

    Bayou Bengal11 ~Orlando Tiger Coonass~

    message me email addresses if interested and I will invite.

    Not sure why people cant just sign up using id and password?
  8. Bayou Bengal11

    Bayou Bengal11 ~Orlando Tiger Coonass~

    I will try to fix WW issues, stand by.
  9. Bayou Bengal11

    Bayou Bengal11 ~Orlando Tiger Coonass~

    WW issue fixed, let me know if there is anything else that needs attention. I am very flexible if everyone is in agreement.
  10. KyleK

    KyleK Who, me? Staff Member

    As previously stated, I have no idea what I am doing, but am willing if y'all need a player. Who knows, I might be pretty good at it!

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