Tigers by day or Tigers by nite?

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    Now I know this topic about this myth has been discussed several times, but I had a thought. History has shown that we are more successful at nite than by day, and this is especially true under Miles. I had this vision this morning that got me thinking. When I envision which is more imposing to me the vision of a 700 lb Bengal tiger, crouched, eyeing, and ready to pounce his prey from the tall grass, adding the element of his glowing green eyes just seems more ominous and imposing by nite than by day.Could this be the difference in personality that our Tigers take on by nite as opposed to by day, or is really just some ploy by CBS and the SEC to take LSU down because history indicates we are better at nite. So they make us play by day becaused the odds are against us. lol j/k
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    LSU has always done better at night. I often wonder why several games are played during the day time. It all comes down to the networks fitting as many games into one day as possible, but we often get the short end of the stick on this deal. Sometimes I do think it's to make us look bad, especially when the "big game of the week", which we are not in, shifts from night time to day time on a weekly basis. In fariness though, it does look like tha majority of our home games are allowed to be played at night. However, this was the case this year because we weren't playing for the crystal ball. If we start making a serious run for it again, which I think we will next year, we will probably see more games bumped up to day time.

    If we're the best, it shouldn't matter, but tradition is tradition:eek:ldskule:

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    There are two major factors contributing to our night game success.

    1) Atmosphere: Remove the heat, lower the humidity, add the alcohol, and turn on the lights and our fans are on fire which helps the players.

    2) Quality of opponent: The networks aren't going to be interested in moving a game with Tulane to an earlier start time. Most of our day games have been due to major networks attempting to match up two good teams. Historically our day game opponents have been better than our average night game opponent.
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    We got a winner.

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