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    Hi Tiger fans!
    Here is a guide to the best fans in the known Universe’s Message boards. Everyone is invited! We have something for everyone.

    The Main Board : Here you will enjoy conversation with the Iron Fans of College Football. Don’t let the name spook you it just a tribute to the fact that we sold out every home game while suffering through two seasons of 1~21 and that’s just the recent history of our fans. Lots of insight to USC sports and humor. Occasionally you get to witness first hand a post from a Clempsux fan or as we like to call them “taters”. They are definitely the black sheep of the Tiger clan. Every family has one, don’t be embarrassed, we do not hold them against you. Look we have to share a state with them!

    Numinous Recruiting Our recruiting board. Ya’ll probably won’t be too interested in this board. We only get what LSU, UF, UT, UA and UGA have picked over. Well...... it might interest you to see how the other half lives!

    The CockPit The functional equivalent of your Smack Board. When you enter this forum you need to have your spurs sharpened because things get bloody in here from time to time. This forum is for the highly volatile topics. No cry babies allowed! We are pretty good at this! We get to practice year round on taters. Bring your best stuff cause you will need it. You must be 18 or older to read or post in this forum.

    Digital Think Tank One of our newest fourms. This is the place for the deep thinkers to discuss politics, religion, philosophy, relationships, arts & science or anything else that encourages fresh growth within our neuro-circuitry.

    Babe-O-Rama Another new fourm. You can guess what you'll find here. Post your best LSU females....Please....PLEASE!

    Anyway come visit us!

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