Tiger's Week One Depth Chart

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bengal B, Aug 25, 2014.

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    LSU released its Week 1 depth chart heading into the game against Wisconsin on Saturday (it’s above). Here are the need-to-know nuggets:

    • At quarterback, Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris are listed as dual starters with an “or” between their names. That’s a common theme on the chart. Both QBs are expected to play. It should be noted that no “or” was included in the depth chart released over the summer.
    • The right guard battle continues to wage, though most believe Hoko Fanaika has won the job over Evan Washington. There’s an “or” between their names.
    • At defensive tackle, Quentin Thomas and Frank Herron are listed as dual starters. Thomas tore his biceps during the first week of fall camp but plans to play with the injury. Herron is expected to get much of the playing time.
    • Terrence Magee is listed as the starting kick returner, and his backup is receiver Travin Dural. We’re hearing rumblings that freshman running back Leonard Fournette is in the mix at kick returner, but he’s not listed on the depth chart.
    • At safety, Jalen Mills, arrested in June, has been added to the depth chart. He wasn’t on the one released this summer. Mills is No. 2 behind starter Ronald Martin.
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    That pronunciation guide is working overtime...
  3. Bengal B

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    I heard Jim Hawthorne on the radio today refer to Avery Peterson as Adrian Peterson
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  4. COTiger

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    If Hawthorne knows today is Monday, that's as good as it's going to get.
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  5. Bengal B

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    This was in the morning. I wonder if he was drinking already
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    Quinn listed at number five at X? Pocic number two at center? Last week Les hinted that Pocic might start and people have been saying that Quinn is turning heads in practice and Fanaika was leading at guard. I think Les is being cagey again.
  7. Bengal B

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    Trey Quinn listed at #5. After all the good things I have been hearing about him. I expected Dupre to be higher than #3 but he has been nursing a hamstring
  8. Bengal B

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    If Miles is determined to start Welter at MLB he should move Beckwith to the strong side over Lamar Louis
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    These guides are never accurate. Looks like the one from before the spring with the freshman added and an or here and there.
  10. COTiger

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    And Les pretty much said that in his presser today.

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