Tim Williams commits to Bama

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by fanatic, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Mis'sippi Tigah

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    Not even that.

    Skynyrd was from Florida.
  2. vshouse

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    As usual bhelm is right on top of this....I hear he was a nice project talent wise, but somethings he did at U-high has really pushed lsu away from him. This is the type of kid IMO that will either buy into saban and get straight and be a very good football player or do the comlete opposite, but heads with a power contolled coach and end up transferring or getting out of football completely. This is a case where i'm actually glad LSU did not persue him that hard. I do wish the kid best of luck and hope he gets his act straight.
  3. asignupe99

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    No way that kid is 235. 220 maybe. Lots of potential.

    And Tusk, he can't hold Denzel's jock strap. Maybe in a couple of years if his mind is in it. But you guys got a future 1st round pick in Denzel. Off topic, but people at home actually think LSU did not recruit Denzel at all. He keeps telling them that's not the case but they hold on to it.

    But we both know Coach Saban is not going to go overboard convincing him to want to be great when he's got a boatload of other kids ready to grab it.
  4. TUSKtimes

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    Devall is the real deal and all one has to do is watch tape to see the future beast that will soon dominate. Got to say, with the exception of Green, none of these LA kids have failed to make a positive impression. Some have been solid citizens, such as Luther Davis and Kenny Bell. Others like Lacy and Devall and Collins, have looked like thoroughbreds out of the gate.

    Peer pressure will mold and shape young Mr. Williams football future, as much as anything coach Saban will say. The reason some kids aren't impressed with the university of Alabama, is because when they show up in Tuscaloosa for the scenic tour, they see the discipline, structure, accountability, everywhere they step. If this is not who they are, they come away with, gee, just wasn't that much fun, or the visit just didn't excite me. That's code for the only party I was invited to was the NC parade. The process continues.
  5. red55

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    With four better DE's already committed and the Unpronounceable One still on the line, LSU did him a favor by backing off and letting him get committed at another top school. If we have unexpected defections, we could still give him a last-minute offer to consider.
  6. Contained Chaos

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    Lol...I know what ya mean.
  7. red55

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    With only one BCS college in the state and with Les recruiting about half of his players from out of state, LSU can only take 12-14 instate players each year. That has always made good talent available for out of state recruiters. A&M, Arkansas, Nebraska, Notre Dame and the Florida schools have feasted on excess Louisiana talent for decades. Alabama traditionally did not recruit Louisiana, going after Tennessee and Georgia players mostly until Nick arrived with some inside sense of what kind of talent was available and that LSU could not sign them all.
  8. TUSKtimes

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    Going head to head for kids like Beckwith, Collins, makes a lot of sense for everyone's program. I would say that Bama's national recruiting emphasis has changed dramatically. And It's a lot more Florida State then LSU putting the squeeze on the blue chips in our state. Talent is everywhere, it's the special players in special places that make the difference.
  9. red55

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    We lose more to A&M, Florida State, and Auburn than to Bama.
  10. asignupe99

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    Yeah that's a bunch of bullshit but you got it capptin...
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