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    The mood all week has been described by media pundits and "experts" as subdued all week. Bama is still talked about for a NC and we're an afterthought, even though our one loss is by 7 points to the BCS 1# on their field I guess because they control their own destiny OK, well, I see it as LSU control Bama's destiny.

    It's time for the LSU family to rally around our team. I listened on the radio in 79 to the loudest stadium I've ever heard from start to finish. I didn't hear all week that McClendon was an idiot and we coudn't win. I was there in 89 when the ground shook, and witnessed one of the most physical games I've ever seen.

    A beautiful fall day against the defending NC's in our stadium with, at the least, a BCS bowl on the line, with our ex-coach on the other side, what the hell are we doing being subdued??

    And after we win, I hope Miles goes tells the interviewer "Gameday, do a SNL skit of that ass whipping you just witnessed."

    Let's all give the second guessing a rest until Sunday. Let's get out and support our team.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7054de3Fjl8"]YouTube - Plums.avi[/ame]
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