todd walker re-signs with the sCrUBS

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    1 year 2.5 mill.

    interviewed and asked again about his defense. he addressed it the correct way saying once you get labeled as a hitter with questionable defense there's no way to lose that stigma. Yet, if you win a batting title then hit .280 the rest of your career you are still known as a good hitter.

    too many hear something repeated about a player then label them as such without actually knowing any better or making a true opinion for themselves. this was a great reply by todd since he deserves every bit of recognition he gets yet not the continual slams about his defense.

    he is a good baseball player but moreover, a winner.

    If more franchises could evaluate winners as people over everything else they'd be better off.

    you can have all the Aaron Brooks and their talent/potential yet any lay person can see their deficiencies.

    Heart and desire cannot be measured or coached.

    nor can you ever win with talented people who completely lack it, regardless their god given abilities.

    see jake delhomme.

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