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    Top 10 List of LSU'S TOUGHEST GAMES Next Year (Posted on 1/28 at 4:00 p.m.)

    1Florida (Lets face it, Leake is good, we came with the blitz and he got the ball off before we could get to him. Our players were starting to get cocky and didn't prepare like they could have, but they will this year. Last year we got outcoached, but not this year baby)
    LSU 28 Florida 13
    2Georgia(Georgia's gonna want revenge, but Saban is simply a better coach, Georgia's off vs our defense. We win. Saban knows how to shut down Greene, put press on him and rattle him = he sucks against our defense. He was quoted as having said "He's never been beat up as much as he was against LSU" in the 1st game. Granted the 1st game was close, but Vincent hadn't come of age.
    LSU 35 Georgia 17
    3Auburn(I don't know why I ranked Auburn 3, but who else can you make a case for. Everyone is gung ho on Auburn once again this year because they have most of their players back, but they didn't get any new recruits and they couldn't do anything last year with all their "Studs" they had last year. Once again LSU wins this one in the trenches by shutting down Cadillac AGAIN.
    LSU 42 Auburn 14
    4Arkansas(We smoked Arkansas last year and they're definitely going to be gunning for us this year, but LSU simply has better athletes than Arkansas.)
    LSU 28 Arkansas 7
    5Ole Miss(2 Words:"NO QB". With Eli not returning I say Ole Miss goes back to the glory days of the "Little Grunt of the litter",thanks Trev. Granted they do have that one QB that decommitted from LSU once he found out about our secret weapon last year, but he won't have command of the team like Eli had. I have to give some credit to their coach though, 7-1 in the SEC,even with Eli, with Ole Miss is pretty good. It was a one man show last year and the poster boy's gone.
    LSU 35 Ole Miss 3 (Yes, I went there A** Whoopin)
    6Alabama(Unpredictable considering it was his 1st year last year and they finally got some good recruits, but i say Shula belongs as "Head of Recruiting", not head football coach. Let's face it, Alabama never should have fired Stallings, granted he was no "Bear", but he was d*mn good. Another rebuilding year.
    LSU 21 Alabama 7
    7Oregon(Not quite sure if we'll play the Ducks are not, but i have to admit if we're not playing them i root for em just for their mascot. Ducks, cool. Pac-10 version of Ole Miss, spread offense, once again our backs show up, do their thing, intercept balls, and put pressure on QB. LSU shows everyone why the P in Pac-10 doesn't stand for Pacific.
    LSU 42 Oregon 17
    8Vanderbilt(Commodores, B*tch of the SEC, what more do i have to say, what the heck is a commodore anyways. But hey, doesn't hurt to have a school in the SEC that brings our GPA up.)
    LSU 38 Vanderbilt 6
    9Houston(Don't really know too much about Houston, but it seems like we play them alot in the beginning of every year and always seem to win, even if its close thanks to DiNardo.)
    LSU 49 Houston 7
    10Troy St(Another team i don't know too much about so i want spend time trying to pretend i do, except to say
    LSU 42 Troy St 0 (I had to put a shut-out somewhere)
    11Mississippi St (Sorry St, but even when you're good LSU still has your #, I'll save you the embarassment and not put the score)
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    it would be Oregon State not Oregon
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    And if memory serves, Ala. didn't fire Stallings, he resigned to spend more time with his family.
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    You're right fanatic. I believe his son had some sort of disability and he left because he wanted to help and spend more time with him...
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    Of course Bama didn't fire Stallings. He won a NC and he even kind of talked like the Bear. He was one of the Bear's "Junction Boys" at Texas A&M and a longtime coach on both the college and NFL level. He was over 60 when he retired from Bama.
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    Bebes was one of the best at Bama.
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    This biggest came this coming year BY-FAR is going to be the Georgia game in Athens. Fans need to flock in huge hoards for this game. I'm thinking about bringing a sign with three checkboxes and the words: Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and Athens next to them. (Of course with Baton Rouge and Atlanta already checked off... :) They are going to want to kill us..., but, who won't next year??
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    It's lonely at the top, man.
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    But it's fun to be on top (no pun intended.)

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