top 75 plays in SEC history (according to the Chattanooga Free Press)

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    It is up to #37. The eartquake game is 45 and the Bluegrass Miracle is #38. Not to seem upset but I think the Earthquake game would have been top 25 at least. I like the little bit of history it tells about history though.

    72. Wearing white at home works for LSU
    Paul Dietzel was admittedly superstitious, and he had a habit of tinkering with LSU's uniforms after becoming the coach of the Tigers in 1955.
    Before the 1958 season, Dietzel decided his players would wear white jerseys for each of their five home games. The Tigers subsequently won the national championship by going 11-0 and outscoring foes 282-53.
    Thus a tradition was born.
    LSU wore white at home through the Charlie McClendon era (1962-79) and through most of the Jerry Stovall era (1980-83), though Stovall occasionally put the Tigers in purple. In 1982, a new NCAA rule required home teams to wear dark jerseys at home and white on the road, so LSU wore purple at home from 1983-94.
    When Gerry DiNardo became coach in 1995, he successfully petitioned the American Football Coaches Association and the NCAA Football Rules Committee so the Tigers could start wearing white again if the visiting team agreed.
    The first team not to agree was Vanderbilt in 1996. Rod Dowhower brought the Commodores to Baton Rouge wearing white jerseys, and LSU, wearing gold, sent them back to Nashville with a 35-0 pounding.
    In 1998, Florida coach Steve Spurrier needled with the tradition by having his Gators wear white jerseys in Gainesville against DiNardo's Tigers.
    "I really don't care if they have a problem with it or not," Spurrier said before the game. "That was the deal we made when we agreed to wear our dark jerseys the last two times we went there."

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