Top Center looking at LSU, Saban after him

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    The Magnolia State has some of the top linemen in the South for 2005 but the best overall may be Collins High School’s Josh McNeil.

    At 6-4, 275 pounds, McNeil is a true center with the size, strength and intelligence to make an immediate impact on the college level.

    College coaches took notice of his ability to run block when he recorded 116 pancakes last season but his pass blocking is just as good since he has yet to give up a sack throughout his high school career.

    “I’ve got 15 offers right now,” McNeil said. “I’ve got it down to a top seven right now. It would be Florida, LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia, Nebraska, Tennessee and Ole Miss.”

    McNeil is the No. 1 center on Nick Saban’s recruiting list since the Tigers will be losing four-year starter Ben Wilkerson at that position. LSU has been there the whole time and remains near the top of his list.

    “They (LSU) are definitely one of my top schools,” he said. “Their facilities are second to none. They are the national champs so it doesn’t get any better than that.”

    Florida coach Ron Zook had a chance to entertain McNeil on an unofficial visit last week and the visit may have lifted the Gators up a notch or two.

    “It was a nice place,” he said. “They have a lot of good facilities and I like the coaches a lot. I met some of the players and they all seem like good guys. The stadium was real nice too.”

    Is he ready to name a leader yet?

    “They are all pretty much even right now,” he said.

    Yeah, Right :hihi:
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    This should be an easy recruit. He can step right in next year and start if he works hard enough.
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    I really hope McNeil signs. I hope we sign 4 or 5 excellent OLineman.
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    I don't know about that. Remember, as the commercial says, this is not you fathers LSU Tigers!!!

    We signed Holmes last year and he is quite the stud at 300 pounds. and I believe Planchard has been moved to center also.

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