Top Coaching Salaries

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  1. TigerTap


    1. Nick Saban, Alabama $5,545,85
    2. Mack Brown, Texas $5,453,750
    3. Bret Bielema, Arkansas $5,158,863
    4. Butch Jones, Tennessee $4,860,000
    5. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma $4,741,667
    6. Urban Meyer, Ohio State $4,608,000
    7. Les Miles, LSU $4,459,363
    8. Brady Hoke, Michigan $4,154,000
    9. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa $3,985,000
    10. Charlie Strong, Louisville $3,738,500
    11. Mike Gundy, Okla. State $3,450,000
    12. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina $3,322,500
    13. Mark Richt, Georgia $3,314,000
    14. Bill O’Brien, Penn State $3,282,779
    15. Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati $3,143,000
    16. Gary Patterson, Texas Christian $3,120,760
    17. Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M $3,100,300
    18. Bo Pelini, Nebraska $2,975,000
    19. Bill Snyder, Kansas State $2,803,000
    20. Gary Pinkel, Missouri $2,800,200
    21. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State $2,750,000
    22. Will Muschamp, Florida $2,734,500
    23. Dan Mullen, Miss. State $2,700,000
    24. Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia $2,630,000
    25. Lane Kiffin, Southern Cal $2,594,091
  2. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos Don't we all?

    What the fuck??
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  3. LSUDad

    LSUDad Senior Member

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  4. FirstCoastTiger

    FirstCoastTiger FirstCoastTiger

    How about this one?

    21. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State $2,750,000

    Whoever represents Jimbo should be starting the "Jimbo to _________ rumors....
  5. lsudolemite

    lsudolemite CodeJockey Extraordinaire

    Butch Jones?? Really??
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  6. islstl

    islstl Playoff committee is a group of great football men Staff Member

    These schools can afford it.

    Bielema had a great track record at Wisconsin. Still shouldn't be making the 3rd most in the nation when you have never won any crystal hardware, however.

    Butch Jones was 22-14 in the regular season at Cincinnati. In a really easy conference. That, I don't get why he was even hired in the first place, much less making the ungodly amount of money he is making. This is going to be the 3rd straight disastrous head coaching hire in a row. You simply can't fail 3 times straight at a school with a history like Tennessee. The AD needs to go next.
  7. TerryP

    TerryP Founding Member

    Both Bielema's and Jones's listed salary here isn't the true figure. IE: With Bielema it includes 1.9MM from the Wisconsin buyout plus related taxes. His true salary is 3.2MM.
  8. TigerTap


    After "destination charges", taxes, shipping etc., it still cost Arky $5,158,863 to put the Bielema on their field.
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  9. islstl

    islstl Playoff committee is a group of great football men Staff Member

    If Jones is being paid anything north of 2 million, it is way too much.
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  10. TerryP

    TerryP Founding Member

    Tell me how you go this number...

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