torched auburn fan's van

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by bpell, Dec 4, 2001.

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    unfortunate acts of vandalism from "dead from the neck up's"...!

    Not to depart from discussion of the beloved SEC, but after Texas Tech beat Texas A&M earlier this year 15-0, drunken buffoons at the game tore the goal posts apart and proceeded to throw the pieces at departing Aggie fans! This, of course, gave TTU a black eye in the eyes of the public...all because of a few, unruly, obviously inebriated jerks! Unfortunately, the van burning incident at the LSU-Auburn game is proof that these nimrods exist everywhere!

    Now that I'm off the 'ol soapbox...GO TIGERS! Beat the Vols!
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    It wasn't that we refesued to believe, it was that the internet has become a haven for unsubstantiated claims, myths, and legends. Those of us on the board are somewhat educated, and were simply asking for verification of the story. We all, I believe, stated that we were appauled by the behavior if it was true, which I now know is the case.

    I go to at least one road game a year, and believe me, I am heckled everywhere we go - Alabama, UT, Georgia, Ole Miss, MS State, etc. But the heckling is usually limited to a very few individuals, for the most part opposing fans are hospitable, and welcome vistors. I feel this is what happened here, in reference to the tail buring. Please don't let the actions a few tarnish the reputation of the many. Most LSU fans are civilized, hard working individuals who just love their team.
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    The LSU cops said a tiger tail was set on fire. It's not quite the same as burning a van to the ground. It's pretty damn low class but there are low class people in this world. Are we to believe every Auburn fan goes to their games in blackface and KKK outfits just because of those fratboys did. No. So gimme a freakin' break, grow up Auburn fans and take your licks. Your teams' poor sportsmanship brought all this on themselves. And I very seriously doubt a band member instigated any altercation with a football player. Auburn is just trying to draw attention away from their pathetic performance. The Bayou Bengals from Baton Rouge are going for the championship and the Auburn Tigers from that trailerpark in the middle of no-where are sucking their thumbs. fitting.
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    mY last word on this.... I have been going to lsu games in tiger stadium since 1969 and have sat in three sections of the stadium. The student section...well 'nuff said. East near the opponent player lockerroom...great fans, tolerate the guests. For the past number of years my seat has been in the northeast endzone. Here I have an expert behind me who is obnoxious sober and worse drunk. To my left is another drunk that picks fights for a habit. This year his goal was to deck the female guard on the field for popping a beach ball. His favorite saying, " I paid for this seat and I can smoke and say any@#$%#@*$ thing I want to say". I usually can tune him out but the games would be alot better without him. This is the type that gives all schools a bad name. If it wouldnt be for the emotional rush of tiger stadium on Saturday nite, I'd watch on tv.
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    Re: The trash that is LSU

    Umm yeah, okay idiot. How's about cleaning up your own potty mouth huh?

    Linkage to potty mouth boy

    Full post:

    just face, i dont wanna hear anymore excuses, LSU fans are classless Cajun sons of *******. i hate every last one o them, and when we beat the **** out of them next year, oh there will be cigars, and taunting , and much more, because we will teach those ******** a lesson they wont soon forget. they must be proud to FINALLY get a West title after YEARS of so called " blue chip " recruits. face it LSU, you'll never be the program Auburn is.

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    It's a shame

    that after the events that happened on September 11, 2001, which in my opinion is our generation's equivalent of the attack on Pearl Harbor, that we still have some people out there that just don't get it. I just don't understand why some people revel in being known as thugs. It seems the University of Miami elevated the "thug" type mentality to almost an accepted form of fan/player behavior.

    Two weeks ago I invited some Vol fans down to the game in the Swamp, and I was shocked at the response I got. Several of them said they would never go back to Gainesville because of the way they were treated. That type of perception of the University of Florida and Gainesville was an utter embarrassment to me. I grew up in Gainesville and my parents still live there, but I had never witnessed the type of behavior that these guys were talking about. However, perception is reality and I was bound and determined to prove to at least some of the Vol fans that the perception was in fact wrong.

    I was able to persuade 2 guys from Knoxville to come down and gives us a shot. I put them up in my parents house and treated them with the same respect I would treat any guest. When we got to the stadium even I was a bit surprised on how the majority of the Gator nation treated these guys. Sure, they caught a little flack, but for the most part everyone was very good sports. The game obviously went their way, but I think they were just as excited about how the rest of their trip went also. I know this because they have sent me several e-mails thanking us and have also sent a letter to the editor of their paper and ours detailing their trip to Gainesville.

    Hopefully the word will get out that you don't have to be a complete idiot to show support for your team. This year's visiting team is next year's away game, and it sure would be nice if you could go to an away game without fearing for life or property.

    I also attended the game at LSU this year. Flyin' Gator is part of our group off the message board. However, he came from Texas while we were coming from Florida. We were in an RV and parked in a lot full of Gators and Tigers alike. With the exception of some trash talking as we walked towards the stadium, we had a great time. Several of my guys were playing football in the RV parking lot after the game and were invited to eat with some LSU fans. So overall I would have to say that we had a pretty good time.

    Next year I hope some of you will join us in Gainesville when the Tigers come to the Swamp. We would love to meet you guys and gals. We have a really great group and I assure you that you will not be treated ugly while you're in our camp. Anyway, have a great time in Atlanta and good luck with the Vols!

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    Thanks for the kind words Smitty - I just might take you up on that offer!;)
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    Thanks for visiting Smitty,

    I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Although I've never met him, Flyin Gator seems like a real good guy. He's always had positive things to say about TigerForums which I certainly appreciate.

    Next year I hope to have all of the opposing teams Admins and friends at our tailgate. Like most people, it's important to me that visiting teams fans have a great time at LSU. All of us have to deal with a few bad eggs that seem to tarnish the schools we love so much. Funny thing is, most of these a-holes usually never attended the school they claim to be a supporter of.

    Hopefully we can make it to Florida next year and tailgate with ya'll. College football is an awesome event and should be fun...not filled with so much negativity.

    Thanks for stopping by and please don't be a stranger. We aim to have quality conversations and relationships here no matter who you root for.

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