Tough Loss

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Sabertooth, Jun 7, 2002.

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    Jun 6, 2002
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    Tough loss tonight. Lane ran into a little trouble in the 3rd with the help of Aaron Hill and Wally Pontiff. Hopefully, we can come back and take two. The LSU bats were not aggressive at the plate tonight. I was disappointed we did not make an adjustment. This guy was throwing far too many strikes just to sit back and take pitches. There were far too many 0-2 counts and 1-2 counts. I think Wally needs to step up and lead by example. A couple of stats that have been very disappointing for the season. Aaron Hill and Wally Pontiff led the team with errrors this season with 22 and 17 respectively. Aaron Hill and Wally Pontiff are tied for the team lead for hitting into double plays with 8 a piece. Wally hits .280 with runners in scoring position and .396 with the bases empty. All the above stats were factors in tonight's game. Hopefully our team leaders, Wally and Aaron, can step it up Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully BO will be on his game tomorrow although matching tonight's pitching performance will be tough- a 3 hit complete game shutout. One thing, LSU has uncharacteristically struggled against good pitching all year long. LSU teams of the past usually feasted on good pitching and struggled against juke ball pitchers. Anyway let's give it our best shot.
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    yeah....that was a sad loss, i hope that we come back tomorrow with fire and Omaha in our eyes

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