Trev Alberts finally makes sense. (huh?)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by JoeReckless, Nov 24, 2003.

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    Aug 12, 2002
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    Tigers lying in wait

    LSU is in the same class as Michigan in terms of teams playing as well as they can right now, having beaten Ole Miss 17-14 by containing Rebels quarterback Eli Manning. Both the Wolverines and Tigers are perfect examples of why there should be some kind of playoff after the BCS games. I believe USC is a better team than LSU and deserves to be in the Sugar Bowl, but I also believe LSU has the right to gripe when it comes to its BCS chances.

    The Tigers have two tough games left, but it would be a shame if LSU ends up playing Georgia in the SEC championship game and hurts itself with a second win over the Bulldogs. That second victory would diminish the Tigers' strength of schedule enough to make the Sugar Bowl all but unattainable. It is unfair that LSU has to root for Tennessee or Florida to make the championship game to hold onto its standing with the BCS. That is a crime. If the BCS system has some flaws, that is one of the biggest.

    LSU is not as complete as USC on offense and might not be as much of a test for Oklahoma, but right now OU, USC, LSU and Michigan are at the top of their games and it would be great to see those four teams get a shot at the title.
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    You want a 2 loss national champion? I believe you play the season for a reason: To play for the title. You've gotta win out to play for the big ballgame. Even if Michigan beats OU head to head, you're gonna tell me a 2 loss Michigan is better than a 1 loss OU??? Upon your rationale, why not have best 2 out of three? Basketball does it? March madness...ooooh. BS; you create a playoff and people won't watch the season unless they are winning. At least now everyone is playing in a bowl, and they are playing for RANKINGS! Add a playoff and ranking doesn't matter. They'd take the top 2 teams out of the each of the current BCS conferences and the top dogs of the other conferences and let them play, oh and Noter Daim would of course get a bye with an 8 win season???? Cmon. The BCS is a little biased a few ways and its not great, but a playoff taint better.
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    Oct 21, 2002
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    No offense Tundra but that is pretty lame. If Michigan beat Oklahoma I would say Michigan is the better team. Since Michigan had 2 losses and Ohio State only one, you believe that OSU is the better team even though Michigan took them to the woodshed?
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    I agree with Joe (and Trev). To have the top 4 playoff for a NC is the best option. You only have to add one more game and that will NOT detract from the regular season ( as a 16 team playoff would).

    Oh sure, there COULD be a two loss champ, But I'll take my chances with that rather than what could easily happen this year: The #2 and #3 teams being within a quarter BCS point and one not getting a chance to prove itself a champion on the field.
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    The best team doesn't always win. I don't think many people thought the Patriots were the best NFL team a few years ago but they won it on the field. Marlins this year? I'd prefer a 4 or 8 team playoff. At least that takes away the human "opinion" element from deciding the national champion.

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