Trindon Holliday

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by houtiger, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. houtiger

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    Preseason game 1: Texans vs. Cardinals

    Not a particularly good night, but Trindon did have one 30 yd. kick return.

    After the Game – Texans at Cardinals | Toro Times | A Houston Texans Blog

    Could be a case of first game jitters. OMG, I'm in an NFL game!

    BAY0U BENGAL I'm a Chinese Bandit

    Probably. That and the difference between NFL and NCAA.
  3. HatcherTiger

    HatcherTiger Freedom Isn't Free

    The problem for Trindon is that he has almost no margin for error especially in the return game. Hopefully he can pick it up.
  4. LSUTyga73

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    He had those same problems at LSU though. He's the best chance for a big play but also muffs a lot of punts. Kickoff returns are solid but mainly just punt returns.
  5. houtiger

    houtiger Founding Member

    Texans notes: Guards battling for starting spots | Houston Texans Football | - Houston Chronicle

    On a related sad note for the SEC, RB Ben Tate broke his ankle, will have surgery on Tuesday, and is out for the season. He was a second round pick of the Texans and was expected to contribute a lot this season. Sorry Deceks / CaddyAttack.
  6. TheDude

    TheDude I'm calmer than you.

    He looked awful. Ran straight up the gut, into tackles. On second thought, "running" is not accurate. He never got above 1/4 speed. Never saw him do that at LSU.
  7. islstl

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    Hmmm....well we'll get to see him go up against the Saints, who have struggled in defending the return last year and were really bad in the Patriots preseason game. The special teams coach has been all over their asses this week.

    So look for the Saints to try to solve that issue. So Trindon may be hard pressed to have a great night returning the ball.

    We shall see.

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