Tuberville, the Caddy, Auburn band, the Game

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TexasTigers, Oct 26, 2003.

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    Jan 14, 2002
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    1. The cadillac - say what you will and auburn was held to 50 yards of total rushing yards - watching that kid run the ball, WoW he is solid.... Yes lsu bottled him up, but that was not his fault. he made some cuts where our entire section was like wow

    2. The band - Auburns band. I think the auburn band should be ashamed of themseleve. LSU bands is playing their last song and they start playing ??? they got booed... PLus do they ever shut up ???? It 31-0 LSU makes a 1st down and Their band starts playing the ESPN song. which is fine, but the auburn band appears to have taken tubbys place as the least class at auburn. dont blame the kids the band director

    3. Tubby - You know maybe all of us should cut tubby a break. I know that is not popular around here. but the cigar game and all that is now long history. Last year when auburn was handing it to us, just like Saban (Who always shows class) Tubby took a knee. I was glad Saban did not do what many wanted and run it up. Tubby in the last year or so has not shown his old traits (except for poor coaching) I say all of us let it go on Tubby. I will...

    4 Tubby 2 - i hope he never leaves Auburn. Sure we will lose one day to auburn they are a great team, Maybe next year the way this series is going. BUT He will never get them to the next level. He will always pull off 2 or three games a year where his gambling style blows up (See 1st qtr) and he is out coached. Just my opinion

    5. auburn fans - I had a great time with them. I did not see any bad situations from either side. I am sure the auburn fans will make up stories of riots and rapes. but I saw nothing but class from both sides (I did see two LSu fans get in a yelling match)

    game - domination. Pure domination. Auburn never had a chance.
    great game tigers...
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    I'm with you, Texastigers.

    1. Cadillac will play in the NFL a long time, he looked better than I expected in gettting his 61 yards. The LSU defense just owned the line of scrimmage.

    2. I saw that, too. But I'll cut the Auburn band some slack. The bands have their little wars going on all of the time and we usually miss it. Tiger band had actually finished the halftime show and was doing a cheer tune for the end-zone fans. The Auburn band was pissed because the PA kept playing rock songs and SUV commercials on the Jumbotron really loud whenever the Auburn band tried to play before the game. The Golden Band from Tigerland had a much better halftime show, by the way . . . and the Golden Girls rule.

    3. I can't cut The Tube any slack for 2001, but it's looking like maybe that game was an fluke, and we can move on.

    4. I hope The Tube stays at Auburn, too. He can be had.

    5. I just ignored the Auburn fans, lest they feel threatened. No doubt Osama bin Coonass hit them with anthrax, nerve gas and other weapons of mass distraction.
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    I'm beginning to be a really big fan of white "Wonder Woman" boots. Those kick ass!!!

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