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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Berge, Mar 30, 2005.

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    "And we're back... if you are just joining us you are missing one hell of a game. Tennessee just tied up the game at 50 with a long three by Shanna Zolman with 6.3 seconds left. It looks like the Lady Vols will try to trap Temeka Johnson if LSU tries to inbound the ball to her. And here we go..... LSU passes the ball to Johnson and she gets trapped, but she breaks free and is flying down the court into the lane and throws the ball -- Oh my God! Tigers win 52-50!!! LSU is the national champions! The ball hung on the rim for what seemed like forever and rolled in!! Temeka Johnson did what she could not do a year ago. Oh my... Sylvia Fowles just picked up Johnson - who has tears streaming down her face - and is running around the court with her in her arms. What a sad way for the Vols to go down in such a great game. You can tell they are heartbroken... some have broken into tears as well. Two straight NCAA Finals appearances, but no championship from either. What a game.... Tigers win... It must have been a long year for Johnson, but she can finally forget April 4, 2004... LSU's first Women's NCAA National Championship...."

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    We can hope! :)

    I hope Tenn dont make it htough
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    I'm in 216th overall place on espn's women's tournament!. No chance to come out first since several people have picked the same final four as I did.
    LSU beating baylor, then tenn in the final.

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