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UGA's chances against the Gumps

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by cwatsn, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. CajunlostinCali

    CajunlostinCali The Bionic Burro

    I am fairly certain you did.
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  2. sugarlsu

    sugarlsu Veteran Member

    Since 2000, Bama has won the SEC once (2009).

    Georgia rolls em.
  3. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    Many do agree with you. To me, that's like saying District Championships are > State Championships. I just don't buy that.
  4. TerryP

    TerryP Founding Member

    Seriously. This is what you base that on?

    Since 2000 Georgia has won the SEC twice. If we change the year to 1999 both teams have won two.

    Come on man, you can do better to support something you think that that.

    I don't think UGA wins based on a few things. One being since 2008 they've won four games against top 25 teams and lost 17.

    Let's flip this around just a little.

    UofSC killed UGA.

    It was a close game when LSU hosted UofSC.

    How would you call an LSU vs UGA game?
  5. MikeInLa

    MikeInLa LSU Football + Beer + BBQ = Heaven

    I don't know how this game is going to turn out, everyone has made great points here. But I hope, like everyone else, the Bulldogs take down Bama. I don't know a single LSU fan in my circle of friends/family who isn't going to be pulling for Georgia this Saturday. Geaux dawgs!
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  6. sugarlsu

    sugarlsu Veteran Member

    Sorry, I was not clear. That was 2 seperate thoughts.

    ONE: Bama has only won the SECCG once since 2000, therefore, I do not think that they are head and shoulders above the other SEC teams, the way their fans and the media seem to portray them.

    TWO: I think GA rolls em. I am predicting this because I believe the GA passing game will be able to convert third downs, because GA has a solid D, and because it will really, really, make me happy.

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  7. LSUTyga73

    LSUTyga73 Football Connoisseur

    That's pretty funny actually. Near 100% of this board would pick LSU against UGA but now the majority seems to think they have what it takes to beat Bama.

    I'm rooting for UGA, but I know better. The better team always wins the SECCG with the NC on the line and I don't think UGA is the better team. It would be an upset if they won.
  8. sugarlsu

    sugarlsu Veteran Member

    Well, I just like to put it out there because it is an overlooked fact. I really like it when the gumps deny it. Facts is facts. The gumps have one sec championship this century.
  9. VampMuse

    VampMuse Freshman

    I think Georgia wins because of Murray. Bama has shown it cannot handle good QB's, and it's offense and to be honest playcalling is suspect. I think they have problems getting Georgia off of the field, and it wears down their defense.

    Now if Saban pulls his head out of his ass and lets Yeldon and Lacey bruise all over Georgia's line, by the 4th quarter Georgia will be gassed and everything will open up for him. But his OC hasn't been going that route this year.

    This is completely without my bias against Bama btw. My biased version is that Murray is going to make Manziel look like a bitch by lighting up Bama so hard that Nicky goes crying to Texas asking for a job.
  10. StaceyO

    StaceyO Football Turns Me On

    Was LSU better than the Tennessee team we beat in the SECCG in '01? We knocked them out of the NCG.

    There's another key difference, BOTH of the them are playing for going to the BCSNCG, not just one.

    The last time Bama played in that situation, Florida and Tebow beat them.

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