ULL, a school of a thousand names

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Purple Jungle, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Purple Jungle

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    Aug 16, 2002
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    I recently found out that many ULL fans refer to their school as Louisiana. I guess it's like California-Berkeley calling themselves Cal or UNC-Chapel Hill calling themselves North Carolina.

    I know that they WANT to be considered a top university in Louisiana, but they're part of the University of Louisiana system and not necessarily the biggest part.

    Wouldn't ULM, for one, take issue with them calling themselves just Louisiana?

    Most people I know, myself included, still call them USL.
  2. Ellis Hugh

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    Aug 9, 2001
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    I like Ooh-la-la (U. La. La.)
  3. LSUAlum2001

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    Sep 18, 2002
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    The only good thing to come out of ULL is Ali Landry..

    Henceforth the name.. Ohh-La-La..
  4. lsu99

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    Oct 24, 2001
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    Having lived in Lafayette most of my life, I'll probably always call them USL. I've heard a few people say UL, but that sounds more like Louisville to me. "Louisiana" doesn't seem like it would catch on. I'm not really sold on ULL either but I kind of like "ooh-LA-LA." I'll never forget the NCAA basketball tourney selection (shortly after the name change) when I saw that ESPN had them in one bracket as a #15 seed and CBS had them in another bracket as a #14. Although they corrected themselves later, USL and Lafayette (that school in Indiana?) were temporarily switched.

    On another thread, someone mentioned that LSU and USL are on vastly different levels. I have to completely agree and it is the reason why I can pull for USL at all times (except when playing LSU). There is no state school equal in stature to LSU and this will likely never change. However, rivalries can develop and one of these schools with inherent limitations (like USL) will defeat LSU in Tiger Stadium one day. I'm just hoping it won't be for a couple of decades. I'll bleed a lot of purple and gold that day.

    In summation, I dislike "UL", "ULL", and "Louisiana", while I like "USL", "Ooh-La-La", and Ali Landry.
  5. TexasTigers

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    Jan 14, 2002
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    My stance is, you stick up for brothers and sisters when someone not in the family is around but Beat each other up inside the ole house.

    Blood runs thicker then water thing. So I ALWAYS cheer for Louisiana schools on ANY level, except when playing LSU of course. I watched the entire USL (I will always call them USL I hate the U of L thing we got going. Thank god Nicholls, Mcneese and Northwestern State have chosen to stick with what they have)

    Anyway, I would not write of LA. Tech from a sports perspective. No one matches LSU in Baseball even in the Nation. However in Football, we have a brother in state that can beat anybody. Sure they are an underdog to LSU, but if LSU plays like they did against Va Tech and Citadel. I would not write in a W so fast against the Bull Dogs. They have a solid team and always will. And Sabans beef with Skips plan to play in state schools (Which has

    I even cheer for Tulane...

    As for the name. They are USL always will be for me. And ULM is Northeast. I think the U of L thing they have now sounds to Happy Gilmore. I wish they would have left it the way it was.

    Geaux Tigers.

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