Unsung Heroes

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    I don't think anyone has mentioned the fullbacks. Solomon Lee came to LSU as a Tightend. He was injured, then switched to fullback. This year when fullback was mentioned there was a reply that LSU does not put any empahsis on Fullback or Fullback is not utilized in the LSU offensive scheme. Well folks fullback is used. Solomon Lee has probably been LSU's best blocking fullback in years. In almost every running play Lee throws a crushing block that springs the runner.
    In the SC game Bull Hurley, about 6'2" 270, was switched to Full back, probably to help with blocking the outstanding Middle Guard from South Carolina. If anyone watches the replay of the game, you will notice on almost every handoff to Davis, the Middle guard is in the backfield but Hurley gets just enough of him to allow Davis to escape and break out.
    Great job by the coaches and a great job by the Fullbacks

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