VT QB Noel tear ACL in practice

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    BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Virginia Tech quarterback Grant Noel suffered a torn left ACL in practice earlier this week that could jeopardize his senior season.

    Noel, who took over for Michael Vick last year, suffered the injury while cutting on the turf at Lane Stadium during non-contact drills on Wednesday.

    Noel will not play in Saturday's spring game, but the school has not determined if he will need surgery. If surgery is not required, he could be ready for training camp in August. But if it is necessary, the rehabilitation time is six months, meaning he would be sidelined until October.

    Noel underwent an MRI to his left knee Thursday morning. According to Virginia Tech trainer Mike Goforth, he did not suffer a tear in the meniscus muscle.

    The injury is similar to the one he suffered in his right knee last July.

    "The good news is there was no tear in the meniscus," Goforth said. "Grant has some bone bruising on the lateral side of that left knee, which was causing our initial diagnosis of a possible lateral meniscus tear."

    Over the next two weeks, Goforth and team orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marc Siegel will closely watch Noel's knee to determine the course of action. The school should know by May 1 if Noel will need surgery, Goforth said.

    "Right now, Grant's a candidate for conservative treatment," he said. "That involves a brace and rehabilitation. We'll know more by May 1."

    "The way everything thing came back this morning, I feel real positive about it," Noel added. "My ACL is torn, but I'm hoping I don't require surgery. Right now, I'm focusing on resting this for a couple of weeks, then going in and building my muscles in my upper body and knee up so I can be ready in August."

    Even before suffering the injury, Noel had planned to spend the summer in Blacksburg to work out.

    "I know I'm going to have to wear a brace and will have to work hard in the training room but in my mind, I'm going to be ready for practice in August," he said.

    Noel threw for 1,812 yards and 16 touchdowns last season.
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    Man, that will be a really big factor if he can't play in the opener! Noel's injury, along with the fact that Suggs is still rehabilitating from his ACL tear, could take away a lot of pop in that VaTech offense. Still, we need our stars (including our injured, James, Wilkerson, and Toefield) to be healthy to have a great chance to win in Blacksburg. That place has definitely become a tough place to play in the last ten years.
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    I haven't read their chat boards yet, but are Hokie fans now hoping that Vick will be the starter? Virginia Tech's program has been so good over the last decade that it seemed like fans were starting to sour on Noel for losing three games or so last year. I saw an article that gave Vick a favorable comparison to his brother and had me hoping Noel would be the starter.

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