War in the trenches

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lepomis, Dec 9, 2003.

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    With so many playmakers on both teams and on both sides of the ball, I think THE GAME may come down to interior line play.

    There's some amazing speed for both teams. Henderson vrs.
    Perkins - Mike Clayton vrs. D. Strait - Green vrs. Pool - Vincent vrs. Lehman. Wow. OU's recievers - Mark Clayton, Brandon Jones,
    Wilson ?, Rankins?, and Bradley (returned a kick for a TD) all good RAC guys with speed.

    I know Harris the DT gets all the pub but Dvorachek (sp) the other DT seems to me a bit more disruptive. Also, Cody and Jackson the DEs are very impressive. I think Cody leads team in sacks and I remember Jackson repeatedly clocking Gesser during last year's Rose Bowl.

    I see it as both D-lines (Lavalais and co. on LSU's side) having a slight adv over each others O-lines. So, whoever wins the war in the trenches will allow the playmakers to do their thing in space.
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    LSU's OL simply has to perform and be consistent. You can see a direct relationship in the Florida and especially the Ole Miss game between OL inconsistency and QB inconsistency---if linemen jump (and we got a ton of penalties against Fla. and early against Ole Miss), then Mauck can't get comfortable, if he doesn't get comfortable, his passes aren't precise enough nor is his decision making very good.

    If he can't pass well consistently, the defense can focus more on the run and limit the offense's effectiveness.

    This, finally, keeps LSU's D on the field for long stretches of time and other teams at least have the chance of scoring on a tired LSU D in the second half.

    Since Matt is the key to the entire team, therefore, I always look for LSU to come out passing in big games since short to intermediate passes are the best way to get everybody---OL, WRs, QB---on the same page early.

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