We were bad, VT average

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bayou Beast, Sep 2, 2002.

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    Aug 10, 2002
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    The way we looked there is no way we belonged in the top 25. But the way our offense played and VT could only manage one meaningful TD drive shows that VT is not as good as ABC's clown announcers would indicate. I think I heard some of the dumbest comments come out of those guys mouths. Like "This should move VT into the Top 10" and "I think the heat is getting to the LSU defense" HUH?!?!? Anyway, congrats to VT. You got the win. Our offense will come around. I don't think that Saban should have stuck with Mauck for the whole game, but I think he should start next week. Maybe M. Randall would have sparked the team the way their Randall did. But that is just speculation. We ARE a running team this year, that is the biggest complaint I have with the coaching yesterday. Never did establish the run, yes we got behind early, but Toe was running well (minus the fumble).Why ask a 1st time starting QB to carry the team? The receivers hurt us today BAD. I doubt they will play that way again, they are much better than that. The defense did look much improved. I know that VT isn't Florida when it comes to passing but it was nice to not see 300+ yards against us. Jones and Suggs run the ball well, but they are nothing overly special (sorry VT fans). As for opposing fans (it seems mainly AU) I wouldn't go flapping your gums yet. One game doesn't make a season. I would have loved to start the season on the road and win one like this, but hey, I said before that I did not think this was the most important game of the season. Let's finish strong TIGERS 11-1!!!!!
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    I disagree on putting in Randall, although during the game I was wondering if he might play. Mauck was not dropping those passes and fumbling the ball that ended drives. If Randall had come in and had the same lack of success, then we would have no quarterbacks. We would have shown no confidence in Mauck and put tremendous pressure on Randall in an almost hopeless situation. We have two games, at Tiger Stadium to rebuild the confidence of the team. Randall should get his chance then. When SEC play starts, and if Mauck does not move the team, then try a new leader.

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