"Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities" or....

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    ...."I am George W. Bush and I will attack anyone I feel like, and don't question my judgement."

    So before the war, Bush told us that Saddam Hussein was allied with Al Qaida, and was planning to attack America with biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.

    Since absolutely no evidence has been found that Saddam was allied with Al Qaida (one of Saddam's last orders to his followers was NOT to ally themselves with foreign fighters, which al Qaida would be), and no evidence has been found that Saddam had any programs to make biological or chemical weapons or nuclear weapons, and since the CIA had told Bush several months before he make the accusation of nuclear attack that it was NOT true........

    ...since nothing Bush told us before the war was true.....

    ...now we attacked because of "weapons of mass destruction-related program activities."
    (Whatever the hell that means--must be one of those things you have to be a Rush Limbaugh worshipping lemming to understand. A "Yes, I will follow you Mein Furher," kind of thing. )

    And naturally his followers eat it up. Lying to start a war is pretty close to the worst thing a President can do. It is the moral equivalent of treason.

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