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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by w.j. sidis, Apr 12, 2005.

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    well, hopefully some of you guys got a chance to watch texas and nebraska square off on espn this weekend. what a series! two of the games were omaha caliber games with some crazy exogenous **** coming into play.

    the friday game was obviously a classic and the type of game college baseball needed on friday night. a mid 90's lsu gorilla ball slugfest would have been bad imo and i'm glad the country got to see a great pitcher's duel. obviously, i was upset about what transpired in the bottom of the 8th with the phantom balk but it was still a great game. that **** happens in baseball...we got away with one a week ago. i had a feeling when we brought in boone, we were blinking after standing toe to toe so long. oh well. our lack of offense that day was a reflection of the last month of hitting for the horns...very frustrating. i think it was a low point to lose like that. i really thought we might be in for a sweep so i credit augie for pulling the guys together and turning this thing around. to bounce back the way they did and win two huge games at nebraska like that is one of the mose impressive things i've seen texas baseball do in a while. i'm thinking we may be an omaha caliber team again if we get hot in may. you also witnessed drew stubbs finally busting his slump on sunday. i finally think he's gonna get going again now which will be a huge lift.

    nebraska had a great crowd for the games (though they are painfully ignorant baseball fans and clearly hate, hate, hate, hate texas) so props to them for showing up. espn has said they had an unexpected and exceeding amount of success with all three games and have decided to double the number of games they are covering for the rest of the season which is GREAT NEWS for college baseball. i think the sec may have missed the boat on this one guys.

    in other big 12 news, mizzou is roiding up or something as they have been pounding their schedule in conference. they are 8-1 right now after sweeping a&m in columbia. i'm still reserving judgment on them though as they have yet to play texas, nebraska, baylor, or oklahoma. however, they are in sole posession of the top spot by two games now.

    baylor, not surprisingly, swept kansas state in waco. mccormick pitched 6 innings giving up 2 runs (1 earned) on 2 hits and a walk...striking out 7 in the saturday 11-3 win. he had a not hitter going into the 6th.

    oklahoma too two of three in an offensive series against kansas.

    tech took two of three from osu at home. high scoring, but tight games in this series. in one of the tech wins, they were down 8 runs in the 8th inning and put together a major comeback to win.

    texas plays oklahoma this weekend and all three games will again be on the tube. the friday game is on espnu. the sat game is on fsn. the sun game is on espn2.

    i'm starting to think maybe lsu just isn't very good this year. getting swept at home is not a good sign. :nope: looks like usc, bammer, and arkansas are the best the sec has to offer this year. looking at the standings, there sure appears to be a ton of parity in the conference sans kentucky and uga.
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    We figured that one out after losing to Centenary...


    The parity argument doesn't hold any water in my mind. If we were .500 or just a tad above, I'd understand it, but we've lost 3 series in a row. We're just WORSE than the other teams...
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    yeah i saw the replay late this weekend on the U. Can this station now be called the u and copyrighted so miami can no longer refer to themselves as such? It was an excellent game but a bogus balk. no way that was a balk and the damned 1b umpire has the gall to call it when the home/3b ump saw nothing? Usually once they confer nowadays it seems umps/refs get the call more right than not. Not this one. Im no texas fan but phntom calls have no place in sports. You dont see things that dont happen. Id prefer a no call on an actual balk.

    yeah i saw baylor completed their second sweep when checking on mccormick. his no hitter unravelled when someone made an error with an out.
    kid is only a junior but he's a goner after this year for sure. If LSU makes a regional Im afraid Ill get to see him upclose and personal again.

    texas will be fine. are those 2 relievers your answer for huston street? It seems none had quite the velocity as those in years past @ UT.

    LSU has lost its confidence at the plate which carries into the fielding. There's time to fix it but its up to the kid's themselves to perform. Actually this is the first time LSU baseball has been in this predicament in a long time. Given the nature of baseball, its amazing to me the run has lasted this long. Hopefully we find a way to let it continue.

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