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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by 65Grad, Dec 7, 2013.

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    For This week's award I nominate Mike Gundy. Team goes ahead by 4 with @1:40 to go in the game with three timeouts available. Then, 1) goes to a soft zone (prevent) defense, 2) probable pass interception called incomplete, doesn't call time out, Okies go to a quick snap to keep the reviewing official from stopping play. 3) endup losing on a TD pass with @19 tics left.
    Amazing how that soft zone/prevent defense works.

    PS: When OK state did get the ball, Oklahoma played a blitzing defense and stopped OK State dead.
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    We should've given it to him around this time 2 years ago.
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    I would usually complain about the timeouts being left in your pocket, but with only 1:27 on the clock and 66 yards to go, I sure as hell ain't calling timeouts on Oklahoma's behalf.

    The Oklahoma defense with only 19 seconds left was reckless and foolish and Stoops got away with it. That could have easily been a 63 yard TD for the win if they pick up the blitz and someone breaks free. Or even a 30-40 yard pass play to get them into FG range.
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    Well my nomination at this point would be the SEC officials. This crew (while they are actually calling obvious penalties on Auburn) are making ridiculous calls on Missouri.

    Missing calls as well, like the Missouri TD catch that wasn't a catch, a face mask a minute ago also Auburn should have been hit with.

    Terrible job by this crew but par for the course when it comes to SEC officials.

    However I'm hoping by the time the night is over the obvious choice for Moron of the week will be Urban Meyer.
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    #1.... I don't really remember what defense ok state was in on that last drive so I can't comment, your possibly right there.

    #2 ....it would not have mattered it was definately NOT an interception....defense has to follow the same rules offense does. He must maintain control all the way through the catch....defender clearly bobbled the dropped it when he hit the ground.

    #3.....ok did not blitz on the last drive that they got to the qb on it was a 4 man rush only.

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