Westboro plans on picketing Sandy Hook funerals

Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by fanatic, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Ummm .. no, that is not what Huckabee meant at all.

    The removal of the principles that are outlined in the Bible from our society, and the failure of people to abide and live by them, most certianly does lend itself to this type of crap happening.

    Take it back to the beginning. You have a kid, a genius kid, who doens't fit the stereotype of what rednecks, athletes, and other confomist think is normal, and thus, he is the butt of jokes, he is picked on, emotionally bullied, outcast. To add to it, he is reserved and passive. Passive people are the most dangerous of all, because they hold all the abuse in, .... until they explode. After years of being treated so "unChristian" like ... by people who claim to be such, the stress causes mental illness, and they crack.

    This kid, as do many outcast, took up with the Goths, who basically hate just about all of you on this board ... because of they way they've been treated by the "doo gooders". If you look normal, act normal, eat normal, smell normal ... then to them, you are one of the sources of their mistreatment and miserable life.

    When it all gets mixed up in the wrong person, you get a killer. His outlash was not at the particular kids themselves .. but at their normalcy ... at their pristine environment that is so smiled upon by society, while they themselves were bullied, picked on, and ostracized.

    Christ did not advocate the behavior that we see in "do gooders". He demanded that we love everyone. Picking on someone, making them the butt of your joke for years, is not exactly "Loving" your neighbor. We can all be different, without being hateful. .. but you know it, and I know it, hatefulness is "en vogue" in the people who call themselves normal. Had people just acted in the way that Christ taught, this whole ordeal may have had a different outcome. Adam may have gone on to create the next great electronics breakthrough.

    But ... people didn't treat him as Christ would have them treat him, and killed him inside. He was dead before he even went to the school. And while the dumbasses in the media, including Huckabee, can talk about "evil" ... and the goofballs at Westboro Baptists can talk about Gods revenge ... ain't nobody talking about the way we treat each other, that is in complete opposition to what God advocates.

    So .. tell your kids .. that that poor soul that they and their popular buddies pick on and make jokes about .. that their behavior towards them, .. just may be a contributing factor in the next mass killing of innocent school kids.
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    Another person who hasn't read the bible and doesnt realize what a book of horrors and murder and slavery and massacre and genocide it is.
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    I don't think we were discussing the editorial of the Bible. So ...

    Does the Bible ... more specifically, did Jesus not say ... Love thy neighbor as yourself?? Did the old testiment not say ... "thy shall not kill"?

    Why don't you address the content of the post ... as opposed to responding with some sort of small minded jab at a group, religion and book that you apparently loath.
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    So well said. Jesus said "Love thy neighbor as thyself" Treat him as YOU WOULD BE TREATED not as you are treated.
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    No matter how vile and disgusting you may think these people to be, the minute we stop them from exercising their constitutionally protected rights of assemble and speech is the day that we have to be prepared to give up our own rights.
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    THis is true. That's why the question of what to do with them is difficult to answer. Do they have the right to prey on the grief of parents who've lost their little children? No. Again, there's nothing wrong with letting them exercise their right to free speech in a location no where near the church, cemetary, or funeral route.
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    Thank you
  8. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    And I stand by my comment on Huckabee, bringing god into this conversation, and saying that this and other tragedies occur because of a lack of god in our culture puts you in the same category as the nut jobs at westboro.
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    A non-response to the statement. Start a new thread is you want to make a new argument.
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    These aren't just rights, they are privileges of citizenship. No rights are violated if we make prudent laws that we ourselves vote on in a democracy. You can't cry "fire" in a crowded theatre, there are already reasonable exceptions to free expression. Freedom must have limits when it impacts the freedom of others.

    No one cares if Westboro advocates their bizarre beliefs. Only that they impose themselves most cruelly on others in search of publicity, which is surely violating the rights of the funeral attendees.
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