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    to be a Louisiana football fan! First the Tigers, then the Saints. It had to happen sometime, I guess, but to have it on the same weekend was particularly painful. To Chuck, Morgan, and the other AU fans who have been here this week, congratulations. Yours was definitely the best team on the field and they certainly deserved the win. Good luck the rest of the way. As for LSU, I really thought USC was our letdown game, but obviously I was wrong. It could be chalked up to bad luck, having so many key players go down this year, but as LSU fans we are all too familiar with this phenomenom. When, oh when will we ever get a whole season without one of these lapses?? It just goes to show how difficult it really is to go through an SEC season unblemished and should make us realize what an accomplishment it is for the fortunate few who have done it. Keep up the faith, our time will come! Take a rest, then on to Kentucky!! The SECCG is still in our own hands!!

    Jerry Clower said it best---"Those Tigers are bad, wet or dry!!"

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