What can the coaches do (Saban)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by msully, Jan 18, 2003.

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    PLease tell me what you think in your mind is a good QB . LSU has had two good qb's this year but they get hit on every play at LSU we need a 320 pd gaint of a man who can not only take a hit but who can drag the defense 3 or 4 yards then throw the ball . I do not know why LSU has trouble finding big fast men to play on the line I would like for LSU to beat everyone 62 to 0 . We could not get in Texas ' back field you and I could see the play as it was unfolding but not one tiger could get in position to stop the runner hell he touched the ball what 4 times maybe 5 had 80+ yds average .We need a line on both sides of the ball . In this Tiger fourm some are talking about the Mannings when we should be talking about why the coaches do not get the players they need to win with !!! They got hurt , well someone needs to be there that is as good if not better . What is wrong at LSU that is the only thing I care about I am a Tiger fan . Now I saw where someone said LSU has the best recuriting in the SEC again how many games did we lose last year ?Hey Tennessee Tiger you are not far from Knoxville what do the Vols fans think about losing 5 games they are not happy I think a lot like they do LSU had a bad year . In my world LSU should not lose one game . I guess it sounds good to be 4 in recuriting but there are 3 teams who got the best players if we got a few more running backs that fumble a few more small defensive backs who are outmanned in size and speed what do we have ? Another year like last year ,so what can the coaches at LSU do ??

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