What government agency is the worst?

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by LaSalleAve, Jan 27, 2014.

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    What are your thoughts?

    The NSA obviously has to be pretty high on the list right now being that they are spying on Americans, probably selling our information to corporations as well. But I'm gonna go with the DEA. The DEA is the biggest worthless organization in this country. Billions of dollars are pumped into this organization to do shit like put Tommy Chong in jail. Or keep people from buying scripts online. Locking up Charlie Lynch. The head of the DEA has called Washington and Colorado reckless and irresponsible, And has also time and time again ignored science and common sense along with Democracy to push an agenda that keeps the billions of taxpayer dollars flowing into the DEA. We pay our hard earned money to lock each other up. The DEA has to go, it's a completely worthless sect of a bloated government.
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    All are pretty terrible. DOJ or DOL are probably in the running for most ineffective.

    DEA, ATF, and FBI all roll up under DOJ. I have never dealt with the DEA or ATF thankfully. FBI puts on the appearance of being effective, but they only take on stuff when all the leg work has been done and the case is a slam dunk.

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    For pure evil, it's the CIA and it's not close. For pure ineptitude it has to be the DoE. For pure waste, bloat, fraud, I would go with DHHS. For getting the least out of increasing costs, the USPS.

    It would be a shorter list to find a government agency that focuses on it's customer, returns a regular profit, and has process improvements woven into it's daily existence. In other words, our government is broken....badly.
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    But often a necessary evil. CIA gets all the dirtiest jobs.

    I tend to agree but Homeland Security has to be added. They are way to big. FEMA and the Coast Guard have little in common. DHS needs to be broken down into fewer pieces that are better focused on actual homeland security. And the Dept. of Defense has a huge amount of waste and bloated contracts with the defense industry, with whom they are entirely too chummy.

    The National Park Service rates high with most folks. In fact the entire Dept. of the Interior is pretty effective -- US Geological Survey, US Fish & Wildlife, BLM, etc.
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    The EPA who pushes thousands of pages of regulation out every year, killing jobs, raising costs on almost everything - all without the approval of congress or the people. I believe in clean air and water but the overreach is amazing. They are trying to regulate creeks on rural property in effect taking away any use by the landowner - i.e. diverting to flood a field for waterfowl etc... It is a step away from eminent domain. There needs to be significant oversight. The Federal Reserve, while not an Agency, needs to be audited like we are subjected to as it is scary where the money comes and goes - QE infinity.
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    Congress & EPA
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    Wow, I actually agree with you on pretty much everything! DoD has waaaaay too much waste but unfortunately for us, they have a facility or favored contractor in a majority of districts in the country. Even Pelosi who really doesn't like the military votes the way they want since her husband is a beneficiary. Both parties are guilty, I just used her because it is a perfect example.
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    Our military should consist of Navy/Air Force for active services. The marines should be rolled to reserves only along with the Army forces. Excluding special forces.
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