What the hell is the matter with you guys?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by col reb, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. col reb

    col reb Founding Member

    I started reading the A&M/LSU prediction post. I could not finish reading it. It chapped my ass. Last year, OM lost to A&M because we went into the shotgun and ran a delayed draw with our "160 lb" power back on fourth and about four inches. This year, we had a chance to drive maybe thirty yards for a field goal. One of our most reliable receivers dropped a pass that he would catch 96 out of a 100 times. That's football. JM threw a 95/98 td pass late against Bama. How many times would that happen? OM threw on them and ran on them. MSU ran on them. MSU lost by ten. Ya'll can say all the negative things you want, but I believe LSU pulls it out. With your receivers and running backs, I think the Tigers finally kick some serious ass. OK...JM will make some plays. He is some kind of good. But I believe that in Tiger Stadium, on a Sat. night, a decent game from Mett., your running game, no turn overs, and a determined defense...............THE TIGERS WILL KICK A&M ASS......FIRMLY!!!! Maybe I am not quite the Reb I think I am..................GEAUX FIGHTING TIGERS........I can't "remember" LSU losing three in a row....don't think it will happen.
  2. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    It would be 2 ina row
  3. col reb

    col reb Founding Member

    OK forgot Furman...or what ever.....Four in a year.....? May be wrong...but I'm not buying it until I see it. JMO
  4. locoguano

    locoguano You sweat, you die...

    September LSU would shoot out with aTm and win. November Retro LSU will get beat by 17 while having a "want" to make Bo Schembechler proud with a Big Ten style offense.
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  5. col reb

    col reb Founding Member

    I admit that watching the game, Miles stood as unemotional as Saban's stature outside the stadium. I just will not admit to myself that the Tiger team will play like that. Am I a Miles fan? Not since he would not even give Lee a "chance" in the NCG. Would it have helped? No one knows, but it wasn't like he was going to be throwing in some freshman that had not played.

    My bad....got so worked up on Tiger pride that I forgot about the coaching differences...........
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  6. gynojunkie

    gynojunkie "Pooties R Us"

    Say WHAT?

    I thought that WAS Saban's statue on our sidelines--that someone had simply thrown an LSU hat on it.

    I could be wrong. Are you sure it really was Les Miles, col reb?
  7. col reb

    col reb Founding Member

    you could be right. I did think I saw a blade of grass in the mouth though.
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  8. Kal-El012

    Kal-El012 Veteran Member

    They pushed the game up so it won't be Saturday Night in Death Valley.
  9. TBTrumpet

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    In a five week timespan, LSU only plays three games. In those three games the Tigers are 1-2, with both loses to our principle rivals. It should be no surprise that morale is low...

    Whoever made this schedule sucks at life.
  10. TigerSnarl

    TigerSnarl Air Conditioned Gypsy

    Agreed and I am very disappointed in this team and coaches. But this is sinking to depths not seen in the internet age.

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