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    (Sent to me via e-mail)

    What they are saying about Les Miles after LSU upset Alabama 24-21 on Saturday.


    More than anything, LSU's 24-21 victory over Alabama punctuates yet again that maybe there's a method to (Les) Miles' perceived football madness.

    Yes, he has mismanaged the end of a few games - most notably the Ole Miss debacle a year ago and the near-debacle against Tennessee earlier this season - but he's also 59-16 at LSU, with a national championship and the kind of cold-blooded fearlessness that makes him different than any other coach in the country.

    ~Chris Low, ESPN.com


    We're all better off because Miles is part of the game. Miles deserves to be celebrated. He made three calls in Saturday's 24-21 win that few of his colleagues would have had the guts to make.

    Now, I really do believe Miles is touched by a kind of magic a simple sportswriter can't possibly comprehend.

    Miles doesn't think his big, brass calls are all that special but Miles' colleagues are famously conservative creatures. LSU's players know that. That's why they love playing for Miles. They love that he asks the defense before every game if he should go for it on fourth down. They love that he keeps the faith when all hope seems lost.

    ~Andy Staples, SI.com


    You can't fix crazy. Flat-out bat spit loony is even tougher.

    Nor do they want to right now at LSU.

    All that stuff you've heard about Les Miles? Toss it in the garbage. For now. Or join us outside the LSU locker room after the Tigers' national-landscape-changing 24-21 victory against Alabama.

    "We're tired," LSU linebacker Kelvin Sheppard said in front of teammates, media, recruits, God and country, "of all the (junk) they talk about you."

    ~Dennis Dodd, CBSSports.com


    Lunacy and genius, after all, inhabit the same sphere, and following the Tigers' 24-21 victory ... Miles' mastery of both could not be denied.

    "He's not crazy," Sheppard said. "He's Les Miles."

    Alabama coach Nick Saban got outfoxed by the slyest one in the skulk.

    ~Jeff Passan, Yahoo!Sports


    Today Les Miles and LSU forever vanquished the ghost of coaches past. With a 24-21 win, Les Miles stood toe-to-toe with Nick Saban, the man who many Tiger fans credited for LSU's second national title. This time, there was no doubt who was the better coach or who had the better team.
    Pretty soon every coach in America is going to be eating grass before big plays. And if you're honest with yourself, you feel the same way about Miles that you did when you were a kid and knew you were going to see Santa Claus. You're nervous, excited, aware you're in the presence of something great and transcendent but with no idea what is going to happen while you're there. Maybe Santa Les will convert a fourth down on a fake field goal that perfectly bounces on the ground. Maybe he'll win a game after his opponent lines up with 13 men on the field. Maybe he'll eat grass.

    No matter what, Santa Les is delivering a present.

    And ... let me be clear on this, I will never utter or write another critical word about Leslie Edwin Miles.

    He's my favorite SEC coach.

    And he should be yours, too.

    After all, the world's a better place when a coach can tell you which SEC field tastes better.

    ~Clay Travis, Fanhouse.com
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    This one brought a smile to my face.

    'LSU has come too far for us to keep chalking these things up to luck. With a limited team offensively, Miles and the Tigers have put a lot of time into working on and perfecting the kind of wrinkles that can make the difference in a tight game against a worthy adversary. "It's not just pulling things out of his hat," said defensive coordinator John Chavis. "He knows what he's doing."'
    Read more: TCU, Boise State suddenly have BCS title game within arm's reach - Stewart Mandel - SI.com

    From Stewart Mandel CNNSI today...
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    Ha! I like this one! :milesmic:
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    It's crazy how fickle media and fan bases are....especially regarding Miles.

    One day everyone hates him and he's the biggest p.o.s. on the planet. A couple of weeks later, he's put on a pedestal (and with no shame by the same people that though he was a p.o.s. a couple of weeks before).

    Crazy how polarizing this man is and how his popularity changes so rapidly.
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    I like this one the best:

    Reminds me of a line from a John Prine song:

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    Love me some John Prine - here's a favorite called "Everybody"

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    Love it!
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    yep, that is my favorite line, too!
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    Les Miles is a weeke to week love hate relationshiped coach!!! To qoute...."he is, what he is" He's a guy that will take alot of chances......just for that I love the kind of coach he is. He is willing to go against the odds! With that being said...when he calls one of his famous trick plays and it works we love hime.....when he calls one of his trick plays and it doesn't work we call him horrible! We ALL need to accept him for who he is.....I support him when his calls work....and I support him when they don't work. Atleast he has the brass to call them. He's a great and enthusiastic person as a human being and a risk taking coach...so get in line and support him when it works(which is easy to do) but the question is will you support him when it fails? ( I will and always have) As for Gary Crowton....not even in the same country as far as I'm concerned, I would still like to see a new OC.

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