What week does Tebow take over for Sanchez for good?

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by diamondheadtiger, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Wrong again
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    crack is wack
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    All the love for tebow is even more absurd, considering the huge influx of massive rg3 and luck talent that is younger and I finitely better. Plus a basically infinite amount of superior talent available through free agency and drafts. So many Colin kaepernick types that come from nowhere and are far better and can actually run and throw.
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    even as i am taunted for my lack of football knowledge, i have predicted the tebow with absolute precision. sanchez has lost his job, but tebow, not actually playing the position of QB was passed over for greg mcelroy, the new starter. this may have been the original jet plan, or it may have been apparent from tebows "terrible" performance in practice. the point is that tebow is not even 2nd string, he is a wildcat player. and he wildcat doesnt work and i suspect that tony sporan will be fired for not knowing that. twnow has about a 50% of having a job next season, and a zero percent chance of a job as a QB.

    meanwhile, damondhead is claiming denver regrets losing tebow. somehow i dont think that is the case as tebow cant get any playing time on a non playoff team, and denver piles up win after win while scoring points more than anyone in the league except the patriots and have won 9 straight. this is the same team that finished losing 4 of 5 with tebow.
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    Speaking of francouer, this season he had 600 at bats with an on base percentage of 287. How is this possible. How can this man have a big league job after all these years of horrid play that destroys teams? So terrible, and never sent to the minors, never cut, just given more big league playing time. How is it possible.
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    It's going to be interesting to see where the bigger housecleaning takes place. NY or Philly.

    Oh, and diamondheadtiger, how did Manning trade work out for Denver? :D
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    Right, I feel like being the best team in the conference is not leaving Denver with much regret.
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    Well I must say, I was wrong, I thought Rex would cave but he hasn't, kudos to him.

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