What would Saban do if we were interviewing other coaches?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TexasTigers, Jan 10, 2004.

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    Not to sound too harshly, but Nick has never been a devote coach at any school. Look at his track record: 4 years and gone to the next one.

    While I want nothing more than for Nick Saban to stay, I"m with Texastiger. If he's going to leave and sell us out for an NFL glamour post, then do it now--while we have viable options as replacements. We have two, IMO, highly recognized and successful coaches already on board--Muschamp and Jimbo. Either one of those guys could continue to run the program in the same successful manner than Nick Saban has done since arriving. Not to mention maintain our current recruits happy and give THEM stability. No one likes committing to a school only to watch the coach and his entire staff leave and be replaced by someone that they don't even know.

    Muschamp would be my choice for replacement should Saban leave. Look at the stock-pile of recruits on the defensive side of the ball. Make no mistake, LSU is being known for it's dominating defense and while we have a VERY solid offense, it's our defense that's nationally recognized. "Offense wins games, DEFENSE wins championships". Muschamp would make a great head coach--and he's similar to Saban in his intensity during games. Players also seem to like and respect him (from articles that I've read).

    But, like I said, for sanity, I hope this is all a moot point--and I hope Saban turns down any offers from the Bears and the NFL and remains an LSU Tiger...
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