What's for dinner??

Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by lsubatgirl04, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. lsubatgirl04

    lsubatgirl04 Cupcake Thief

    What's for dinner at your house? I'm looking for different meal ideas as well.

    We're having a "Shula's Out Celebratory Dinner." Remember, my husband is a Bama fan and he is very glad to have young Shula fired.

    Grilled Pork Tenderloin marinated in his own blend of cajun spices
    Potatoes and Corn boiled with crab boil
    Texas Toast

    Bud light for him. Pina Colada for me. (I was feeling adventurous today at the grocery store... usually it's margaritas.)

    As Rachel Ray would say.... YUMMO!
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  2. orlandotiger

    orlandotiger GEAUX TIGERS!

    I drink Crown and Coke and will be there shortly!!! Can you believe this Okie? They even do it to me in the forum!!!!
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  3. lsubatgirl04

    lsubatgirl04 Cupcake Thief

    I drink Crown and Coke too... so we've got a purple bag here for you.

    What did I do Okie???
  4. orlandotiger

    orlandotiger GEAUX TIGERS!

    LOL...nothing it is a joke that everybody talks about food around me and the food here sux!!! Okie is usually the one that starts it and I give her trouble about it all the time!!!
  5. lsubatgirl04

    lsubatgirl04 Cupcake Thief

    Haha. Sorry! Food here is not all that great but I have found a few good retaurants.
  6. SabanFan

    SabanFan The voice of reason

    Where ya been Batgirl? I thought your husband might have banned you from this testosterone laden site.:hihi:

    Tonight I'm making fajitas with leftover top sirloin that I grilled yesterday.
  7. lsubatgirl04

    lsubatgirl04 Cupcake Thief

    Working... working... working... building a house... working...

    I hope to have more time to play on here now.
  8. orlandotiger

    orlandotiger GEAUX TIGERS!

    I hate this thread and for some reason can't get away from it!!! You guys are evil!!!
  9. OkieTigerTK

    OkieTigerTK Tornado Alley

    Hey batgirl.

    For some reason, the chat room sometimes turns into an onlive version of foodtv.

    And it's not my fault orlando is always hungry! :lol:

    Stick around batgirl. We need to raise the estrogen level around here! :hihi:
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  10. orlandotiger

    orlandotiger GEAUX TIGERS!

    In my defense I am not always hungry. BUT I will always eat and especially with the good food yall are always talking about!! OK nevermind I am always hungry!!

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