What's going on in Haiti?

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by lsu99, Feb 26, 2004.

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    One of my best friends that I met while attending LSU joined the peace core after finishing school and has been in Haiti for the last few years. I overhead something about an uprising or maybe we sent troops over there a few days ago. Not sure if you guys have discussed already but what's the situation? Just hoping my buddy is safe over there.
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    Nobody here knows, and I can speak with all assuredness that neither does Bush. :)

    Bush: "Hay-tee? Hay-tee? Where's that?"
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    I know, I know!!!!

    Basically, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has finally overplayed his hand, and he's got some folks teed off at his attempts to become a powerful strongman president in Haiti. Aristide did a good job of pulling the wool over our eyes in 1994, making us think that he was this democracy-loving "man of the people" who was run off and almost killed in a coup by the big, bad Haitian military (the same military that was going to fight off the U.S. Marines with M-1 carbines and machetes. Whatever). In reality, he's just another Noreiga/Ghaddafi wanna-be, a cheap, corrupt politician from a banana republic thinking he's the next Napoleon. Through a combination of violence, intimidation, economic strong-arming and good ol' fashioned voter fraud, he's managed to hang on to power. But it looks like enough people in Haiti finally got tired of his crap and are now coming for him. If so, good riddance.

    Don't worry, just another Clinton Administration foreign policy screw up that Bush is gonna have to clean up. Better get used to it.

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