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    Article by Russ Smith on CFN:

    Is it worse to lose by a hair in a heart-breaker, or to be so thoroughly whipped as the Tigers were Saturday night in Tuscaloosa?

    At least the latter makes it easier to dispense with any false hope.

    Last week we discussed in detail how LSU’s flawed run defense and poor turnover margin would be the Tigers’ undoing versus Alabama, and such was the case. Unfortunately for LSU and its fans, there is little time to rest...and even more questions that need answers.


    Next up for the Bayou Bengals is a quick bye week to lick their wounds – or stew in their disgrace. After that, the Aggies of Texas A&M come calling. Fortunately for the Tigers struggling run defense, in conference play TAMU averages ~2 yards per carry less than the Crimson Tide.

    Unfortunately for the Tigers, that's balanced by an A&M passing offense considerably better than Alabama’s; indeed, Johnny Football and his Aggies have the SEC’s best passing attack.

    Under Miles, it has not been uncommon to see this LSU team mail in the season once it has lost to Alabama – or more to the point, seen the last flicker of a championship season’s light extinguished.

    Such is a risk of high expectations.

    Will LSU sleepwalk through these final two home games versus TAMU and Arkansas? Will its largely tempestuous fan base show up in force to support their program, or wallow away in some collective group pity?

    Only one thing is for certain – this 2013 LSU team has failed to live up to its own standards. Lofty standards, perhaps – but unfulfilled nonetheless.


    Let’s start with what doesn’t come next – or shouldn’t come next: changes to this coaching staff. All the more so given the epic recruiting class just a few months away.

    Those casting stones at defensive coordinator John Chavis are either ill-informed or simply fools – or both. Chavis sent nearly a dozen players to the NFL following the 2012 season. Yes, there is considerable talent still on this roster, but no program suffers THAT much turnover in a single season without showing some weakness the following year.

    Perhaps too much attention has been placed this year on LSU's dynamic passing offense. Given the Tigers' poor passing game in recent years, we can appreciate the excitement, but as good as Cam Cameron’s new offense has been throwing the ball, it has struggled to move it effectively on the ground.

    With two games remaining, the Tigers rank just eighth in the conference in yards per carry – a better gauge of performance given some offenses run more or less than others. Still, it’s even worse than that.

    In conference play, LSU’s rushing attack currently ranks tenth in yards per carry. Against ranked opponents, it falls to twelfth.

    And in losses, LSU’s rushing offense ranks dead last in the SEC at just 2.9 yards per carry. Dead. Last.


    Unfortunately for LSU, it's about to see change with its offense not that far removed from what it experienced on defense last year.

    LSU will lose star quarterback Zach Mettenberger to graduation. Behind him, tailback Jeremy Hill is a draft eligible sophomore, to whom the siren call of the NFL will likely be difficult to resist.

    Based on conversations with several in Baton Rouge, it’s likely the Tigers will lose both starting receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry early to Sunday football, along with left tackle La’el Collins. All three juniors are expected to be early round draft picks.

    Even reserve running back Kenny Hilliard is rumored to be considering the early jump. With senior Al Blue gone, that would leave LSU with only one of its four deep tailbacks – Terrence MaGee.

    Such offseason departures would result in a steep learning curve – perhaps not as steep as we saw this year with the defense, but not far removed. The schedule doesn’t get any easier, with Wisconsin replacing TCU as the Tigers’ most challenging out of conference opponent.

    And so this see-saw is likely to continue in 2014, with one side of the ball experiencing far more turnover than the other…unless the Tigers see one unit perform significantly above expectations – like the 2011 defense

    Read the rest here: http://cfn.scout.com/2/1345269.html
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  2. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    Sounds nice, but there really is no reason to be a 8-4 or 7-5 team which we may very well end up being.

    I'll reserve credit if somehow our coaches can pull out a win vs A&M...
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    Doesn't sound that good to me. It is an indictment of Stud & the OL that with the experience and talent they have they can't run any better than that.
    I agree with the comment on Chavis and while I don't like the way the D has performed or developed (not) this year, he deserves much cushion.
    The tenor of the article doesn't bode well for the next few years.
  4. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    I disagree about Chavis. Yea, he has done good, but this season is an absolute failure. I am tired of the, "left early" excuse. If would be one thing is we simply were to small (young) or had the occasional breakdown, but we lack fundamentals.

    If the scheme is too difficult then Chavis should put these guys in a base formation and let them learn the shit out of it. Clearly whatever it is he is doing is not working in anyway. Every team we have faced has thrown and run on us.

    It is either Chavis or our recruiting fricking sucks.
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    You can't run base formations at the highest level that we play at. You think it was a blow out as it was? Try putting base formations that a 4 year starter gets to read, they would get picked apart.

    Fundamentals take time to learn and that's exactly what's happening. Why would Chavis teach them a blank defense that he himself hasn't run in years only to then try and teach them his system in year two? At some point you have to take your lumps to learn the system. Normally you can bring guys along slowly mixed in with players that know the system and can cover for them. The mass exodus on defense means everyone is learning at the same time. Better to start teaching the guys the system Chavis runs and that they will be playing in for 4 years.

    The defensive exodus is the No.1 reason we are in the situation we are in this year. Chavis is making due with a green young defensive, you can give him some blame but I don't think this lies on him.

    I prefer to blame the HC who allowed the offense to spiral out of control for years. I honestly think Miles is the reason we had such horrible attrition last year. Defensive players were tired of playing entire games.
  6. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    Again, we lack fundamentals. At some point you have to realize this. If you cannot runt he base system, how the frick do you expect to get complicated?

    Further, I refuse to believe Welter is our best LB. He might very well be the worst LB in LSU history and that is fricking sad given our recruiting.
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    It's going to be a rough season next season. Real rough. It may be a .500 season next season.
  8. Kal-El012

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    This season it'll be Outback Bowl versus Michigan State. And those boys could pretty much demolish the LSU o-line with the way they have been playing.
  9. Winston1

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    I'm sorry but the young doesn't make a whole lot of sense. This D is as experienced as the 2010 D that played tough as nails.

    The D line starters have been in the system for at least 3 years and the best Hunter is a sophomore. Same with the LBs NO freshmen are playing whereas they did last year. Look at the DBs all played last year and have between 2 and 4 years in the system.
    Only at CB is there an excuse as we basically play 2 true freshmen.

    This year we just don't have the tools physically. People did not develop as we had hoped and that is why we say shyte happens.
    Again I give Chief time to revive the D and if he still has any fire left he will.
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