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    of this season's game between USC/LSU?? i believe it will be a tough test for the Gamecocks to go to the REAL "Death Valley" and play the REAL Tigers in front of a hostile crowd. your stadium has to be one of the loudest stadiums in the country and we have shown in the past two years how we've struggled against hostile crowds. Ought to be a great game because i know both teams are looking to turn a lot of heads this year because the talent and coaching is there.

    also, what are your views on our hoss running back Andrew Pinnock and what you must do to stop him. he'll be the catalyst this year for our team, so if anyone stops him, they'll most likely pick up the W.
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    Well to be honest many of us are sort of unfamiliar with USC. Since it has been awhile. Both teams have had HUGE changes since we last met (YOU guys and Holtz, Saban for us) and both of us have become national powerhouses, both of us get as butts kicked by Florida every year.

    So I say this
    1. Having been to Columbia - I cannot wait for the chance to tailgate and party with the USC people. I love the State, the People and Southern Hospitality we share. I actually have a Gamecocks baseball jersey my client gave me. Just love the place, my wife and I actually went to columbia to look at houses when I was offered a Job there. Decided to stay here but just love South Carolina. I look forward to going TO columbia next year for the away part of the series for US. Of course this year you come to experience Baton Rouge.

    2. As far as the game, you have two teams on the cusp of becoming the elite teams of the SEC (See UF and UT) we are very similar in many ways from superstar coach, to risinig from the depths of crappy football, etc etc. We both have good running games.

    I never make predictions, and we know although Death Valley is a very difficult place to play, we realize we can be beat (See Ole Miss and UAB of years past), but those Days are over. So for USC to win, I am assuming you need to bring the A Game so to speak, assumming LSU has theirs. Should be a great game I think. I guess I cannot get more vague then that. Personally I think LSU will very strong Next year. I dont think we will win the National Championship, but we will be one of the top 3 teams in the SEC.
    SO I guess I never really answered your question.

    I will say this, for the First time in a long, Us LSU fans truly believe we are the team to beat. We are the ones people are gunning for. We are the champions. We expect to win everygame. We realize we wont, but we expect it.

    But of course I have purple and gold glasses on ;)

    So who knows, cannot wait for the game, to meet some USC people, watch some great SEC football on a Saturday night.

    Geaux Tigers
    (Can you still get hose "You can't lick our Cocks" T-Shirts ?. I still laugh at those)

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