Where do we need to FILL in next year?

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    Dandy Don's Projected Depth chart for next season... http://www.dandydon.com/depthchart.html

    JaMarcuss Russell, 6'5", 222, RSSO **
    Matt Flynn, 6'2", 220, RSSO **
    Jordan Reever, 6'3", 200, RSFR walk-on
    James Welker, RSFR walk-on

    Alley Broussard, 6'1", 220, JR **
    Joseph Addai, 5'11", 210, SR
    Justin Vincent 5'11", 200, JR **
    Shyrone Carey, 5'6", 185, SR **
    Jason Spadoni, SO, 6'0 ", 210, SR

    Kevin Steltz, 5'11", 260, SR *
    Jacob Hester, 6'0", 240, 20 **
    Shawn Jordan, 5'11", 240, RSSO

    David Jones, 6'4", 260, SR *
    Keith Zinger, 6'5", 260, JR**
    Kory Hebert, 6'4", 265, SR **
    Mit Cole, 6'4", 245, SO **

    Rudy Niswanger, 6'5", 290, SR *
    Doug Planchard, 6'3", 290, JR **
    Ryan Miller, 6'6", 320, RSFR
    Max Holmes, 6'4", 290, FR

    Will Arnold, 6'4", 320, RSSO *
    Brian Johnson, 6'4", 307, JR *
    Garrett Wibel, 6'3", 305, SO **

    Terrell McGill, 6'4", 325, SR**
    Brett Helms, 6'4", 300, SO

    Andrew Whitworth, 6'7", 310, SR **
    Ryan Miller, 6'6", 320
    Peter Dyakowski, 6'4", 295, JR

    Nate Livings, 6'5", 313, SR **
    Herman Johnson ,6'7", 350, RSFR
    Paris Hodges, 6'5", 330, JR.

    WR or FL
    Skyler Green, 5'10", 180, SR *
    Craig Davis, 6'2", 195, JR *
    Xavier Carter, 6'3", 190, SO**
    Joe Lawrence, 6'0", 190, RSSO

    FL or WR
    Dwayne Bowe, 6'3", 202, JR*
    Early Doucet, 6'1", 210, SO **
    Amp Hill, 6'3", 200", 200, RSSO
    Gino Giambelluca, 5'9", 170, SR**
    Bennie Brazell, 6'1", 170, SR**


    Brian West, 6'4", 270, JR**
    Alonzo Manuel, 6'4", 260, JR
    Ryan Willis, 6'5", 265, JR **
    Jarrod Carter, 6'2", 290, RSFR
    Tim Washington, 6'4", 225, RSFR
    Tyson Jackson, 6'7", 270, RSFR

    Melvin Oliver, 6'3", 290, SR*
    Kirston Pittman, 6'3", 238, JR *
    Sean Merrill, 6'4 ", 280, RSSO
    Tremaine Johnson, 6'2", 255, RSFR
    Chase Pittman. 6'4", 280, JR

    Claude Wroten, 6'3", 315, SR*
    Charles Alexander, 6'3", 295, RSFR
    Brandon Washington 6'4", 280, SR
    Carnell Stewart 6'5", 300, RSSO

    Kyle Williams, 6'3", 288, SR*
    Glenn Dorsey, 6'2", 300, SO*
    Ryan Willis, 6'1", 276, JR**
    Marlon Favorite, 6'1", 310, RSFR

    SAM (OLB)
    E.J. Kuale, 6'2", 225, SR *
    Ken Hollis, 6'0", 235, SR *

    Mike (MLB)
    Luke Sanders, 6'4",220, SO
    Phillip Maxwell, 6'2", 225, SR
    Quinn Johnson, 6'3", 230, SR

    Will (OLB)
    Cameron Vaughn, 6'4", 225, SR *
    Ali Highsmith, 6'1", 225, SO

    Ronnie Prude, 5'11", 176, SR*
    Chevis Jackson, 6'0", 185, SO**
    Keron Gordon, 6'1", 188, JR**
    Jeffery Jack, 5'11", 180

    Mario Stevenson, 6'2", 195, RSJR**
    Daniel Francis, 5'11", 175, JR**
    Nick Child, 6'0", 170, RSSO**
    Sammy Joseph, 6'2", 190

    Jessie Daniels, 5'11", 200, JR*
    Craig Steltz, 6'2", 195, SO **
    Jonathan Zenon, 6'1", 190, RSSO

    LaRon Landry, 6'2", 187, JR*
    Nick Child, 6'0', 165, JR**
    Curtis Taylor, 6'4", 195, SO **

    Nickel Back
    Ronnie Prude, 5'11, 182, SR *

    Dime Back
    Mario Stevenson, 6'2", 195, RSJR

    Special Teams

    Skyler Green, 5'10", 190, SR*
    Shyrone Carey, 5'6", 185, SR **
    Ronnie Prude, 6'0", 190, SR **

    Skyler Green, 5'10", 190, JSR*
    Bennie Brazell, 6'1", 166, SR **

    Chris Jackson, 5'11", 175, JR*
    Ryan Gaudet, 5'10", 165, JR **

    Patrick Fisher, 6'0", 240, JR
    Chris Jackson, 5'11", 180, JR

    Grant Petty, 6'0", 200, JR*
    P.J. Zimmermann, 6'4", 220, SO

    Where do you guys see the question marks for next year? QB is definatley still a question. Thats about it on offense. If a QB steps up, offense should be solid next season.
    On defense, we lose a starting DE, MLB, and 2 corners. How well will West or Pittman fill in for Spears. At linebacker, the atheleticism increases, while Vaugn should step up in the leadership role... CB is a big question mark for me, but i dont know much pressure will be put on these guys in Miles defense.. saban's defense required very good man-2-man play at the corners, but i dont know anything about miles, doesnt he run alot of zone? Prude is good, a great tackler, but dont know if he can go man-up on a top reciever.. i dont know much about jackson or stevenson.
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    A tad bit off topic but seeing Welker as the 4th string QB...

    Anyone know if that kid related to Wes Welker, the shocking KR/PR/substitute KICKER for the Dolphins? If so, that's a pretty good gene pool.
  3. Maderan

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    I don't expect Sammy Joseph to fall fourth on the depth chart. I think he will push for play time. I think we are still pretty loaded at corner. Saban spent a lot of time with the DB's and though we lose two starters I think we will still be consistant at that position. Also I expect we will see big time play and support from Jessie Daniels and Landry. I think our O line will be better this year than last year and our D-line will be stronger against the run but won't put as much pressure on the QB. I also saw flashes of brilliance from Jacob Hester and look to see him contribute more this year.
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    I see Pitman starting over West and Merrill has transferred. He started classes over here at MGCCC.
  5. Maderan

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    Also most underutilized player under Saban- David Jones.
  6. TSdude

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    I don't think fill-in are the right words for this team. Everyone says how well Saban left the cupboard stocked at LSU and I'm in agreement with that. I don't think the LSU stables are quite as full as let's say a Miami, at least not yet but the gap has closed considerably. I think it takes between 7-10 years to get to that point. Remember, Miami lost like seven first or second round picks in 2003 and were right back in the Top 10 again in 2004. That being said, I think the recruiting this year is more "for the future" rather than coming in and playing immediately. And with the commitments that LSU already has received address most of those areas that will need to restock the ranks. LB is an area I believe need some immediate backup players, while QB and RB are areas that need roster spots filled with players for the future. And you can never have too many lineman - both OL and DL.
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    A couple of things about that depth chart. I would imagine that Jacob Hester will be the starting FB. Wasn't he the only FB to actually get any carries last year?

    Also, Bennie Brazell on KO's? He's never done that, but Xavier Carter has, as has Joe Addai. One of those guys will be back there with Skyler.

    Both Sammy Joseph and Chase Pittman will move up the depth chart.

    And, yes, David Jones was incredibly underutilized. The only things he ever did when the ball was thrown to him was to make first downs and score touchdowns.
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    Heven't gone over that depth chart really close yet but at least Dandy has seemed to add several of the players he was missing off the old one. Looks like he is still missing Demps and Dalfrey. He added Carter and Stewart. Tremaine Johnson and tyson Jackson are the two guys I think are going to surprise many people this spring and next fall.

    Also, I would not expect Sanders to be in the middle, he seems to be more of an outside guy to be. Know knowledge on my part, just guessing. I think Kuale or Hollis will end up in the middle along with Quinn Johnson.
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    Neither Chase Pittman nor Sammy Joseph will be at the bottom of their respective depth charts IMHO.

  10. Soap

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    I think Tyson Jackson will be a starter or at least an big contributer. I also like Chevis jackson at the other CB spot. Prude can make some plays, but he would get burned too much at CB.

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