Where's Eric reed?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by vshouse, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I agree he would be better served to return and really have some hope he will.
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    Stole my thunder. I saw that too.
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    5th overall pick.

    As always with the NFL, you never know where a player will be picked, team needs, best available player, etc. come into play. Tyson Jackson the #3 player in the NFL Draft? Good for him. You just never know.
    What some would call a bad year for Eric, I do not. He is still looking like if he goes out, he should be picked in a good spot. Hes still listed high on many of the NFL teams boards.
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    Well he sure laid an egg Saturday. But I suppose the whole defense was taking a little bit of a nap. Thank God our offense is still improving.
  5. Trolyce

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    I would encourage those of you who doubt Eric's tackling ability to go back and re-watch the Ole Miss game, or any other game for that matter. Other than a couple of plays Eric played great. Then look at the stats, he is 3rd with 76 tackles this season behind Minter with 101 and Barrow with 80. Fourth on the list is Loston who is 30 tackles behind Reid at 46. Why no criticism for the corners who got burned or missed tackles on those plays?

    Anyone here ever bruised a sternum, not a quick heal? He's playing hurt and still leading this defense....and by the way, he was the leading tackler last season with a total of . . . 76. That would sure lead me to believe he's doing more this season. And doing more to help inexperienced corners.

    I hate when fans single out and criticize a player...especially fans who's avatar suggests they should stick to baseball.
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    Good one. Many I know see the same thing we see, hes had a very good season. We'll see how this one plays out. Only the best for Eric.
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    Here we go............an yes, he's stupid enough to come out..

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    What was seen in the Pro Day with Eric. Many have the best Safety in the class as Kenny Vaccaro, with Reid not far behind. Eric had a very good showing and many teams took note. The thing about Reid, he didn't have the off the field problems of Vaccaro. A couple other Safeties in the class Elam and Rambo also had off the field problems. Eric did very well in the DB drills, this is another part that stood out. Some of the reports out were that Eric was a little stiff dropping into coverage. Many teams are in need of a SS and FS, he can play both positions and has played both at LSU. A physical Safety that plays like a Linebacker, a guy that can cover the TE's. I call this one a safe bet, I think some Pro teams see the same thing.
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