Where's Eric reed?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by vshouse, Nov 17, 2012.


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    He's gonna make some team Happy, Happy, Happy.

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  3. stevescookin

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    I hope Mathieu makes it. I love to see someone overcome long odds. :cool:
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    C'mon pops, you don't have to put em on a tee for us, ;)
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    I do what I can......:D
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    Like the GFCU basketball team? Sorry...it's just a great story.
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    Reid will do well in the draft, too many teams took notice and too many need SS and FS help. He has played both positions at LSU and can play both in the Pro's. Simon also showed well, a number of teams moved him up on their boards. Simon has a few things you can't coach, size and speed for a big guy.
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    If he either he, or Minter are there at 32, the Ravens will take them. They lost both starting safeties and starting LBers, including two first ballot HOFers in Reed and Lewis. Both guys are big and physical enough to play in the AFC North.
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    This is one that could happen, the Cowboys were talking a hard look at the Safety Kenny Vaccaro with the 18th pick, this was at one time. The Cowboys like what they see in Reid, they along with a couple other teams. Reid may not be there at 32.

    Minter also made a great showing, all he does is make plays, he too may be gone at that time. A couple teams are in need of an ILB, if the Ravens get a shot at Reid or Minter with the 32nd. pick, they would do good taken any one of the two.

    Some of the teams moving up to get picks also, the 49'ers have two close picks, one at 31 and one at 34 (From the Chiefs). Keep an eye on them, as to they need help at Safety.
  10. LaSalleAve

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    I don't think Reid is a bad player or anything, he's a hell of an athlete, and a very bright young man. His problem this past season was over aggressiveness. He could do that his freshman and sophomore season because he had arguably the best college secondary in the history of college football playing with him.
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