Where's Eric reed?

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    This season, he tried to do too much, like you said, he didn't have the players around him. He tried to overcompensate for everyone else. He looked great in the DB drills (Once said to be too stiff by some), ran a great 40 and is quick to react, make reads. A physical safety that plays like a LB. Can cover a TE. A player with long arms and wide shoulders. Too many good things with him. The teams in the NFL really like what he brings. I always thought he'd go 1st round or real early 2nd. Looks like thats where he'll end up. Most of the safety players in this class have baggage, he doesn't, that too is a plus, hes one that will come in and do his job from day one. Last year, he didn't have a TM7 or a Mo Claiborne, he tried to cover this, but to his credit, he gave it everything he had. He never gave up on a play. When teams/scouts sat down with him they knew what type of a person he was.

    2012 First Team All-American (AFCA Coaches, FWAA, ESPN, ESPN.com, Scout.com)
    2012 Second Team All-American (AP, Walter Camp, Athlon Sports, CBSsports.com, SI.com)
    2012 All-SEC First Team (AP, Coaches, CBSsports.com, ESPN.com)
    2012 SEC Academic Honor Roll
    2011 Second-Team All-American (Rivals.com)
    2011 Second-Team All-Southeastern Conference (AP)
    2011 FWAA/Bronko Nagurski National Defensive Player of the Week (at Alabama)
    2011 Rivals.com National Defensive Player of the Week (at Alabama)
    2011 SEC Defensive Player of the Week (at Alabama)
    2011 SEC Academic Honor Roll

    Congrats to Eric, we'll see him in the Pros for a long time.
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    Bingo..........1st round 18th pick...........to the 49'ers.
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    Nice call
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    Thanks, another post I made before the Draft, on another board...........

    Most times, I'm more wrong than right.................;)
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    The NFC West got some Tigers in this draft didn't they. 5 in, Minter, Mathieu to Zona, Ware and Simon to the Seahawks, Reid to the 9ers. Then you got the NFC East getting Logan, and the guys in free agency. Tigers everywhere in the NFL, my Madden team on next years game is gonna be loaded, with backups.
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    This is a ton of Tigers in the NFL. Looks like the 9'ers and Hawks both did well in the draft.
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    Star rankings out of High School:

    How does LSU produce so many NFL draft picks?

    Recruiting is one good answer. Another is development.

    The Tigers set an NFL draft record with six defensive players picked in the first two days (top three rounds), finishing with a school-record nine players drafted overall.

    The Tigers did it with a mix of players: several who were highly regarded coming out of high school and lived up to the hype, and a surprising number of players who developed their talents after coming to Baton Rouge, La.

    Of the nine Tigers picked, five were not ESPN 150 picks coming out of high school.

    Here are LSU's draft picks, broken down by player, round drafted, team, recruiting year, star rating (if applicable) and ESPN 150 status
    • DE Barkevious Mingo, first round, Cleveland, 2009, (no star ratings in 2009 class or earlier), not in ESPN 150
    • S Eric Reid, first round, San Francisco, 2010, 4 star, No. 72 ESPN 150
    • LB Kevin Minter, second round, Arizona, 2009, No. 133 in ESPN 150
    • DT Bennie Logan, third round, Philadelphia, 2009, not in ESPN 150
    • DB Tyrann Mathieu, third round, Arizona, 2010, 3-star, not in ESPN 150
    • DE Sam Montgomery, third round, Houston, 2009, No. 26 in the ESPN 150
    • CB Tharold Simon, fifth round, Seattle, 2010, 4 star, No. 91 in the ESPN 150
    • DE Lavar Edwards, fifth round, Tennessee, 2008, not in the ESPN 150
    • RB Spencer Ware, sixth round, Seattle, 2010, 4 star, not in ESPN 150
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    Reid will fit in well with the 49'ers, DC Vic Fangio runs a Physical 3-4 with a Zone coverage. Last years draft they took a Safety in the 6th. round, that player didn't dress in the teams final 13 games. This year, they knew to get the player they needed, a move up in the draft was the thing to do. This team spent a lot of time looking at LSU players, an not just Eric was on their board. On a team that like the physical play, Reid will fit in well. He can move well, as shown when he was worked in DB drills. He plays more like a LB'er, a guy that can cover the TE's. With long arms and wide shoulders, a players thats quick to make reads and react.

    The 9'ers also took another player I saw play a number of times, Vance McDonald, TE/WR out of Rice in Houston. Vance is one of those guys that was moved around in college, split out wide, sent in motion, etc. Now follow me here folks, Seattle came in to work Vance and there was talk that they were gonna take him early, SF jumped on him in the second round. Seattle is known for having tall DB/CB's. The DB's Browner (6'3"), Chancellor (6'3"), Sherman (6'3") and Thomas (5'11") were there last year. Seattle went and took Tharold Simon, keeping with these tall DB's. SF looks to have one of the better drafts this year, lots of work done by their staff. The Seahawks did more of the same taking Ware and getting Aghayere in the UDFA spot. To add, the Hawks took another Rice player in Luke Wilson another TE (5th round pick).
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    LSUDad --
    Eating crow here about Reid being stupid to come out. My future as an NFL scout severely in question.
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